Comments for VIDEO: Get an amazing aerial view of Shanghai Disneyland, TRON Lightcycle Power Run testing


  1. Dee Evans

    Happy to see what looks like a ‘viewing area’ in front of the castle for shows.

  2. Thomas Tilson

    WOW I have been following the build but never really got into the details but this video really brings home the impact of this place. It’s frigging HUGE! And its still only on 1/3 of the available acreage. This was the biggest reach for Disney since they built WDW in the late 60s so its good see it about ready to launch. The 800 million in overruns (I heard it was closer to 1.2 billion) is understandable given Disney had a lot less control over “quality” and really ran into differences in “cultural construction methods” (a nice way of saying we need this to not fall down the next minor earthquake that hits as is typical of “standard mainland construction”). Also it would have been interesting to see how they dealt with the “Get it done with Graf” thats is so common. Anyway fingers crossed the opening goes well as this needs to move from “mega build to running machine” so the rest of the Disney Parks can get back to normal.

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