VIDEO: Food & Wine Festival returns to Disney California Adventure with delicious dishes and tasty beverages

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The Disney California Adventure Food & Wine Festival is back in the park after a four-year absence, and it’s in full swing after opening April 1st. You’ve still got three full weekends to enjoy the festival, which ends on May 1st and features dozens of varied kiosks dispensing all manner of delicious dishes and tasty beverages.

It’s unfortunate that several attractions, such as the Mad T Party and the Pixar Play Parade, had to be either permanently or temporarily shelved in order to make way for the festival, but it’s nice to see crowds being drawn to DCA for a unique seasonal event such as this.




Be sure to visit the Disney Parks Blog for an in-depth breakdown of the festival menus, live presentations, and other attractions. The Food & Wine Festival runs weekends from April 1st through May 1st at Disney California Adventure.

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