VIDEO: First look at the new nighttime safari at Disney's Animal Kingdom! - Inside the Magic

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  1. Tom

    What about the animals? Is having day and night tours stressful on them? And will they get enough rest?

  2. Rob

    A lot of animals sleep during the day and become active and hunt at night. They probably enjoy it 😉 And they self-regulate their rest.. so they nap all they want. These animals also don’t have to hunt right.. so they have it pretty easy.

  3. Danny

    Why didn’t I see any animals until towards the end? And was that a real lion?

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  5. Ken Mulder

    Don’t bother. Worst safari I was ever on. You are seeing the same things as during the day except for them placing white floodlights aimed at the Savannah. You don’t seevanything. Like going through the safari in black and white. This is an embarrassment for Disney. .

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