Comments for Step Behind the Golden Gates of Walt Disney World’s Most Exclusive Community: Golden Oak


  1. Eileen

    If ever a home (preferably accessible, for my son) becomes available to “the common folk”, we’re in!

    1. Liza

      They’ll never build houses that we commoners can afford, but if they change their mind and do, I want one!

  2. I’m in love!! The details are impecable. ?❤

  3. Frank

    When are people. Going to. Realize. That. Disney. Does not care about common every day. People. Theyare just. Out. To make. As much money as they. Can

    1. Jeff

      Do you mean like every other corporation? Shocking.

    2. Kevin

      Yeah I completely agree! It’s so annoying that they are acting like a business when they are a….. wait.. ah… yeah nevermind… they are a business. There would be no Disney for you to visit if they didn’t generate a big profit.

  4. Bill

    Come look @ how much they care, see all the tarps up in celebration . Downtown celebration is falling apart & it’s Disney fault .

    1. Jeff

      It’s not even finished being built.

  5. Darla Burton

    Sad but true Disney Execs do care about Walts Dream anymore. They are too greedy to honor his legacy. He built these parks for families to have a place to go together and have fun. Not with the idea of making profits and pricing so high common people can’t afford to bring their families. So sad!!!! I wish Walt Disney’s spirit would come and haunt them all!!!!!

    1. Kevin

      Have you been to the parks lately? They are PACKED more than ever before. While I agree prices are pretty high it certainly isn’t driving people away. Also, I don’t know why you’d be posting this on an article about building 2m+ dollar homes… no clue how that deters people from going to disney,..

  6. Jared

    Did Imagineers design the homes (i.e. All the hidden mickeys, Disney-themes, etc.) or what it the home builders?

    1. Kathy

      It’s at the builders suggestion or owners request. I heard there is s house that is all Harry Potter… but you won’t see any pictures of it. ?

  7. I love these homes❤ they are beautiful and tastefully done?

  8. KarenBelle

    Unless I hit a mega lottery, I’ll never be able to afford living in Golden Oak…..but a lady can dream!!!

  9. Betsy

    Oooh, I would love to live here. Will ever ones be built for maybe soon to be retiree with grand girls – to be able to afford?
    Great ideas to be had from the pictures and videos. Great job posting.

  10. Ana Gazzara

    Hi Jared,

    The hidden Mickey is something that the Designers and Builders work together to create a fun way for the family when we deliver the House.

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