Princess Aurora moves to new meet and greet location at Magic Kingdom on April 17

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The sleepiest princess of them all, Princess Aurora, has made Main Street her home for a long time at the Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World. Meeting next to City Hall, this became her go-to meet and greet spot after a certain Frozen couple ousted her from the Princess Fairytale Hall.

Now Princess Aurora will be on the move again according to Orlando Theme Park News. On April 17th she will be moving to Fantasyland where her new meet and greet spot will be right next to the castle wall. This location was previously used for Lady Tremaine, Anastasia, and Drizella.

What is your favorite meet and greet character in the Magic Kingdom?


  1. EricJ

    Back when the Frosty Gals were appearing as a duo, I remember the famous Facebook photo of a gaggle of little girls meeting with A&E, while Aurora stood neglected in a corner. 🙁
    That image just symbolized what was happening with Frozen at the parks, let alone Royal Princess Hall.

    (But where will the Stepsisters now meet?)

  2. Alyssa Foglietta

    I think Aurora should in Fairytale hall next to Cinderella but Elena is taking her place but Elena’s show isn’t even based off a Fairytale like Sleeping Beauty is, so I think Aurora would fit the Fairytale theme better. It makes more sense if Elena is Mexico in Epcot. I also think that new princesses shouldn’t replace where classic princesses meet. If it weren’t for old princesses we wouldn’t have new ones.

  3. Josh Humprhey

    She the number 1 princess of DW I see her every visit.Very pretty and regal.

  4. Josh Humphrey

    Not fair whoever heard of Elena. Outrage call write Disney Lets protest this and call Donald Trump as this is a matter of national interest.

    She deserved her place indoors not besides a wall.

  5. AAruba

    The Disney App still shows Princess Aurora at Epcot. Is she still there?

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