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  1. EricJ

    (Of course, if he’s on a donkey, that’s technically not Bacchus, but Silenus, but since the movie got it wrong too, I’m not going to correct the Chinese either.) 😉

  2. Sole

    Stayed at the Shanghai Disney Hotel. It might looks luxury but it is not. Room was not ready after the official check in time. No sound proof rooms which leads you to hear whats happening in the corridor, in the next room. I stayed in the room 56062 King club room (average 300 euro per night) from June 24 to 27 and did not get any sleep for 3 nights. Apparently above the room was the lounge/lounge kitchen, then very late at night and very early in the morning noises (moving furniture, carts, vacumm, water running, etc). Informed this to the hotel the first night and they did nothing… To talk to the general manager is more difficult than talking to the Pope. Finally he called me 1 hour before I checked out. Swimming pool was closed (hotel is new and it was open 1 week earlier). Staff English is extremely poor and there is not customer orientation at all. Left my suitcase in the storage for a few hours the day I checked out. Left the hotel and checked in in the Park Hyatt. I opened my suitcase and realized my suitcase was opened meanwhile in the storage cause someone place an envelope with the hotel bill inside. I travel a lot…stay in luxury and no luxury hotels and I have never experienced something like this! An employee of the hotel opening my suitcase??? (not even the pocket of the suitcase, it was in the main between my clothes!!!)
    Overall an horrible experience. Btw I went to ALL the Disneys parks and stayed in many of the Disneys hotel. The one in Shanghai is definitely not a Disney signature hotel. If you wanna have a “magical day” (only expression most of the staff knows) go somehwere else!

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