Comments for PHOTOS: Rivers of Light construction continues as walls come down at Animal Kingdom, Walt Disney World


  1. Angela

    Booked my flight and hotel specifically for this and so sad that this had to be delayed 🙁 If there was a deadline, why can’t Disney meet it? Deadlines are there for a reason. I guess I have to think again before I ever spend money on Disney again. They are becoming weak in meeting deadlines and investing my money in them is seeming to be like a horrible choice on my part.

  2. Roberta

    Also disappointed that the dates have changed. Our trip was planned with these dates taken into consideration and now we are going to miss it. It is a lot of money for tickets when so many things are closed or postponed.

  3. Corryn

    My vacation wasn’t specifically planned around Rivers of Light, but I will be arriving on 4/22 and leaving 4/24, so the delay is a bummer. Especially since I probably won’t be able to come back for another decade. BUT, I’m glad that they’re taking the time to really iron everything out and make it the show it was designed to be, rather than cobbling together an unfinished product to meet a deadline.

    Although I wish they hadn’t gotten my hopes up by announcing 4/22 as the date prematurely!

  4. Tammy

    We have a trip planned for later this summer and are super excited about seeing The Rivers of Light. It looks beautiful! Can’t wait!

  5. Mary

    I really wish they would have made it like illuminations so everyone could see it. We don’t need another have to plan show

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