Comments for PHOTOS: Disney releases new images of “Pandora: The World of AVATAR” coming to Animal Kingdom


  1. Tom JK

    Of course it looks great. But it would only be more exciting if it actually came from a Disney film and not from one of 20th Century Fox’s most overrated movie to date. I’d give it a year for this to survive. If Pandora doesn’t work out, Disney should make it the rainforest location from “Zootopia” with some attractions related to the film, and possibly, franchise.

    1. Jessica


  2. Kevin

    It looks cool, but it would be better if it was based on either an existing disney property, a property that literally anyone on earth still cared about, or even better…and original disney concept

  3. Paul

    Animal Kingdom and Pandora go hand in hand without it being a current Disney property and without anyone even needing to have seen the film. Both entities have to do with the conservation of people, animals, plantlife and ecosystems.

  4. Victoria

    I am super excited to see this new land!!!!!!!!!!! I don’t know when I’ll be able to see this in person, but I am so excited to look for Internet videos of the new park area! It looks like it’s going to be amazing and fun!!!!!!

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