Comments for PHOTOS: Dapper Day 2016 bring old-fashioned flair to Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom


  1. Ray

    Love the photo of Dapper Day. If you read the story how all of this happen in calif. at Disneyland you will understand that Dapper is not Disney Bounder. Everybody looks great but we need to put the Dapper back into Dapper Day. See you all in Nov.

  2. Ian

    Anyone else notice that Walt Disney photobombed Anna and Elsa in front of Cinderella Castle!?!?

    1. jobeibi

      No, Ian, I can’t see what you mean. Where should I be looking?

  3. Scarlet

    Was here on Dapper Day! I dressed as Pinocchio, and the lovely Tweedle Dee and Dum ones you took a picture of approached me on the riverboat and told me i looked kinda like a Tweedle…
    I may or may not have been devastated lol

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