Comments for Frozen attractions at Epcot set to open in June


  1. Mike

    What are the chances of this opening the first week of june right after Memorial day I wonder?

  2. What are the names going to be? What are the people going to be wear? Are there any new songs that they will be playing?

  3. Can’t wait

  4. Jacquelin Marquez

    hope they open it now at the end of may at least my dauther b-day ans he so exating to see it

  5. Kelly

    This is alsome. We are going for my baby’s birthday in November. She will be 6 and she love frozen. She will celebrate her birthday there. She is so excited can’t wait.

  6. sos

    what is the new song going to be this time?Can it come out sooner than it is already coming out .Like maybe in May on the 25 of 2016 this year?

  7. sos

    When is it going to come out?It seems like a really good movie to watch on dvd.

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