Comments for First Look: Disney’s “Pete’s Dragon” introduces an all-new Elliott!


  1. EricJ

    So…is a furry dragon technically a mammal?

    1. M

      It’s both a fish and a mammal. Duh.

    2. Yeren

      Nope; just a dragon. Dragons have always been chimeric creatures, mixing scales, fur, horns, spikes, fangs, whiskers, etc, in varying proportions.

  2. Ryan

    My dude, Falcor was a furry dragon. Don’t let your Dark Ages vision of what a dragon is cloud your perception of what dragons CAN be. Creatures of fantasy can be anything we want them to be.

  3. Matthew

    He’s cute! Perhaps if the movie is successful, he could reside at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. Then, the logo could live up to its legacy!

  4. Tomm

    Looks good, but come one, Fury Dragon!! That ruins a Dragons image. Disney just had to show off their Fur Animation abilities. Ya we get it with Sully. Oh well, whats done is done, I’m sure it will be just fine.

  5. A1anne

    There is plenty of furry dragons you just don’t know where to look at. Don’t you know The neverending story ? flying dragon’s furry.

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