Comments for Fastpass+ now available for Soarin’ Around the World at Epcot


  1. PJ

    Just booked a FP+ for June!! So excited! Thanks.

    1. Arri

      How? As a passholder I can’t reserve fastpass that far out yet.

      1. PJ

        Staying at a Disney resort in June… I believe resort guests get to book 60 days in advance.

  2. Kyle

    Still amazed living with the land is in the same grouping as Test Track and Soarin’.

  3. Tatianna

    How do you book fast passes?? I can’t figure it out on my Disney app

  4. Robert

    I hope they are doing soft openings the week before. We leave from Disney the week before.

  5. Racheal

    I can’t seem to reserve it either. Maybe it’s because pass holders can’t reserve stuff as far out as guests can?

    1. PJ

      I believe that’s correct. Resort guests get to book FP+ 60 days in advance, whereas pass holders get 30 days.

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