Comments for Disney offers Annual Passholders half-off discount on After Hours event at Magic Kingdom


  1. Huong

    Don’t get me wrong as I am a huge Disney fan, an annual pass holder and live locally…but why would someone like me benefit from the “half-priced discount” on after hours event? I can literally go anytime I want, non-peak season, and don’t have to worry about paying the extra $75 on top of my annual pass payment. I understand not everyone is in the same scenario but I cannot possibly see why Annual Passholders would even entertain this idea of paying an extra DISCOUNTED (whoop-dee-doo) price of $75? Love all things Disney but I think they kinda missed the ball on this one.

    1. MTV

      I’m a premier passport holder and would 100% purchase this half price ticket if the offering was available during my next WDW vacation. I don’t live in Florida and plan big trips the same way as non-passholders.

  2. Brian witt

    Why would anyone want too pay this much extra for 3 hours and especially an annual passholder that can go when ever. What is there extra to see that can not be seem during slower times. Disney is so hungry for money. Every thing is going up in price thru out the parks. We just went last weekend and I was shocked that they were charging $4.29 for orange juice that is $1.69 outside the park at any store. Disney has to be getting it less than anyone else and yet still this high price.

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