Comments for Disney Channel to air every original movie EVER for a massive marathon!


  1. Scott

    If this is the complete list, they are missing a lot of original’s. Ring of Endless Light, Luck of the Irish, and a bunch of other early Disney original movies. ARe they playing at another time?

    1. Brittany

      Agreed wheres ring of endless light my date with the presidents daughter model behavior?

    2. Christy

      I love luck of the Irish haven’t seen that in forever also i think it was called under the bed it was like a kid Boogeyman movie with the purple goo anyone know the name off this one i really wanted to see it

      1. Raygirl

        Disney doesn’t air Don’t Look Under The Bed often because “soccer moms” deemed it too scary for children when it first came out. So Disney usually doesn’t show Don’t Look Under The Bed. But I did see on zap2it that there will be more Disney movies airing. 🙂

    3. Raygirl

      Actually, Disney is airing the other movies too after 12:00 am. I saw the schedule on zap2it.

  2. Brittany

    Alreadybad enough u cant find most of these on dvd majorly disappointed

  3. Tracy

    What about Jumped Ship. To many missing to be a complete list.

  4. Grant

    Where’s not quite human or the mr. Boogedy movies?

    1. S. D.

      LOVED Mr. Boogedy! And Wild Blue Yonder. And I was searching for Luck of the Irish, too. Not a complete list, Disney Channel!

  5. Nelly

    The article states they are celebrating their 100th movie, with the top 51 being shown Memorial Day Weekend and the rest through June….

  6. Heather

    Hope they air Perfect Harmony at some point. My all time favorite!

  7. Gary

    They better show the most underrated Disney original movie of all time Can Of Worms

    1. Raygirl

      Its coming on Wednesday, according to zap2it.

  8. Jessica

    Why are the Zenon movies being shown out of order? Am I missing something?

  9. Darcel

    Aladin -Beauty and the beast- snow white- Bambi Lion King

    1. Courtney

      Disney Channel Origonal Movies NOT Disney Classic Movies!! There is a difference.

  10. Patty

    && what about the movie where the kid is on the swim team but he’s actually a mermaid that his mom dropped him onto the boat!!? I forgot the name of it! Anyone?

    1. Patty that’s called The 13th Year…it’s already on the list! 🙂

  11. Caroline

    How did Blank Check not make this list? Or Witch Mountain?

  12. Courtney

    It’s not meant to be a full list. They are showing the most votes for Disney movies!! If it were a full list then Hannah Montana the Movie and The Suite Life Movie would be on it too.

  13. They are missing a lot of movies this is not all 100 1 movie there missing is cloud 9

  14. Summer

    I Love you Disney channel when y’all going to put on descent and happy 100 anniversary D.C.

  15. So far I love the 100th anniversary

  16. I LOVE DISNEY Love

  17. Kayla

    I wish they would show the Luck Of the Irish

  18. Sydney

    I’m guessing “Butt 9” is supposed to be Cloud 9?

  19. Tyresse

    They forgot all the old good cartoon original movies like aladan

  20. Can you please show camp rock on again tomorrow night around eight pm

  21. Crystal

    If you have On Demand, Disney has all 100 movie listed!

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