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Dreamworks Animation


  1. WD

    Dreamworks land for the 3rd park in Orlando would be great. I would love to see a How to Train Your Dragon ride. It could be similar to the Avatar flight ride, but people would actually care about it and not have to have hair “relations” with the dragon first.

  2. JP

    I would love to see the kingdom of Far Far Away get the Harry Potter treatment at Universal Studios Orlando theme parks. Can’t wait to grab a beer at the Poison Apple or a coffee at Farbuck’s, or take my daughter to the Muffin Man’s bakery! Not to mention touring the castle and themed rides. Realistically though, for them to make that kind of investment, they would probably have to time it up with the release of a new Shrek movie. 2020 maybe?

  3. JP

    I also sincerely hope they bring out a Megamind sequel, assuming they can regroup the original cast, then build on that in the theme parks as well.

  4. Ryan

    Oh man, you know what this means?!

    It’s all ogre now!

  5. EricJ

    So….they’ve closed down Shrek 4-D at Universal, and Donkey’s Waffle Stand at USH?
    Or did they just forget about it? (Don’t worry, so did we.) 😉
    Me, OTOH, I still have that M&G photo of being mob-hugged by Shrek and human-Fiona, from….back when the movies were still popular.

  6. Oscar

    If DreamWorks Animation buys the right of Winx Club. it should be Universal’s Disney Princess

  7. Kelly

    A Dreamworks theme park would be a good idea for NBC to build. The Dreamworks brand has so many beloved films that can make its own theme park and will be another good competition to Disney.

  8. Gungan

    They could call it Universal’s Dream Park.

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