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  1. Cortnee

    Is this parking closer than handicap is? My husband is handicap and that’s where we park usually but if this parking is closer then I guess we will have to park there!!

    1. Adam McCabe

      Handicap Parking will still be closer, and will not be affected by preferred parking.

    2. Keith

      The best parking for Handicap
      IS to park at the contemporary hotel Handicap parking is right at the front door and you just get on the monorail to the kingdom

      1. Kevin G.

        Can you risk getting your car towed. Disney’s just about to put a stop to this. It’s gotten out of hand lately with people parking at the Contemporary and taking a monorail over. You can bet if they’re going to start charging extra for parking there going to start towing cars out of the Contemporary a lot. They’re going to go back to giving you a pack that needs to be put in your window. That tag will have a serial number on it locked in the front gate. I’ll promise you they’re going to start checking that. Go ahead and keep parking there.

        1. KM

          I don’t think they would ever do that because people who aren’t staying at the hotel can still make reservations for Chef Mickey’s … they can’t give a “pack” or what ever the hell you called it to everyone ✌

          1. Bradley

            Yes but they have stated that they may begin issuing passing for dining reservations at resorts that only allow you to park at the resort for a certain amount of time.

            Then again I’m sure they are also thinking they should just charge you to park at a resort for the reservation. “Oh you mean you have a reservation at Chef Mickey’s? It’s $20 to park here in order to go to the reservation.” Walt’s idea of a park where a father could take his kids to enjoy the day is slowly turning into a thing of the past.

      2. Z

        Look at me! Look at me. I’m so much smarter than you all and the system. FREE PARKING FOR YOU! FREE PARKING FOR YOU! FREE PARKING FOR EVERYBODY!

      3. Lori

        They ask if you have a reservation them check for said reservation. No reservation then you have to park at ticket and transportation enter and monorail in. You are the reason Disney is making these changes. Just park where you are suppose to. Too far? Then drop off the handicap person at the guest drop off and go park your car. Quit trying to scam your way to being better than everyone.

        1. Usedtabe Dizzyfan

          Usedtabe a Dizzy fan…but if we all remember that Dis is a BUSINESS, not some dreamy wish giver, we’d shake off the fog of “good feelings” that enslave us to it….They are tryin to screw everyone out of every penny they possibly can. So sad. You are gonna see Uber and Lyft etc start ta really be used by peeps who gang park somewhere out side the parks and ride together…Dis had to dedicate rublic roads inside the WDW property and outside services will be able to bring perople in, just like buses do now. Dis will screw itself….The “”Magic”” Dis has been able to sow into the American subconscience will finally go too far and “magically” make their profits disappear. Screw Dis!

    3. Margo

      It does
      Handicap is in the back now
      They have chosen to give people better parking
      Than handi cap

  2. MarkD

    We have been visiting WDW for the last twelve years , recently they have gone fast pass mad and the use of tech made to market rather than thrill and amaze, now to introduce what is affectively zoning for what are already rip off parking charges, I have done with Disney.

  3. I think if people want to pay for VIP parking, they should be able to do that! I can understand people splurging for it no problem in the hot summer months. I can’t see myself buying a spot in the Princess Parking unless I was going to miss a Fast Pass+ reservation that I *really* wanted to catch.

  4. Jorge

    Was there on sat 3/19 and Epcot preferred parking was$35.00…

  5. Margo

    Right now I saw them put rpreffered parking people in handicap and us which is handi cap all the way to the back
    It’s ridiculous that handi cap should have to walk just because people have the preferred parking and they pay for it

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