Walt Disney World introduces paid Disney After Hours event at Magic Kingdom

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It looks like Walt Disney World has just announced a new paid after hours event called “Disney After Hours”, and it may very will be worth your time! With this new program, guests will be able to buy a ticket and that will grant them access to The Magic Kingdom for three hours after the park closes — this includes select attractions and meet & greets.

The official site has been updated with new info on this special opportunity:

By purchasing a ticket to Disney After Hours, you can make the most of a truly magical occasion when Magic Kingdom park lets you in for the last few hours of the day… and then stays open for 3 extra hours at night, just for Guests of the event!

Tickets for this new opportunity will be available for select dates in April and May only. Dates of the events are as follows:

  • April 28 and May 5, 2016 from 10:00 PM to 1:00 AM
  • April 14 and 21, and May 8, 12 and 19, 2016 from 11:00 PM to 2:00 AM

This may be your chance to wander around the park with a limited group of people and get onto rides much faster. The only problem is, ticket sales will be extremely limited, so you might want to jump on this.

Tickets are $149 plus tax each for children or adults and includes ice cream novelties and select bottled beverages. For more info, check out Walt Disney World’s official site.

Does this sound like something you’d be interested in? Let us know your feels in the comments below!


  1. Madison

    Does this mean that the included extra magic hours are no more for those that stay at a Disney Resort? Kinda bummed because I was looking forward to that being a perk during our stay

    1. Delana

      No, the regular extra magic hours will still be available, just on different nights than the nights they offer this. On these specific nights, the EMH will probably either be in the morning or offered at a different park 🙂

  2. Valene

    I am very disappointed. …My family visit once a month ….we are annual members and only come on weekends. …My granddaughter loves the extra magic hours on Saturdays at Magic Kingdom. ..no lines after midnight. …We have reservations on April 28th and because we always stay on property to have extra hours at Magic Kingdom…Or any of the parks for that matter….Walt wanted to make things affordable for the Whole Family…Not just the rich and elite…..family of four for $600.00…Florida residents spend lots of money to go to Disney….We feel Left out….

    1. Bradley


      If you are fortunate enough to go to the parks once a month I don’t expect this is targeted to you, this is something Disney is offering up for two months only (for now) to allow folks that have never come the “option” to pay more to get the park with less people in it.

      A lot of people have been getting so upset about this offering, and it makes me laugh, because no where did anyone say Disney is forcing my family to pay an additional $600.00 to come to their park.

      I look at this offering as I would if I wanted to rent out a private room at a really nice restaurant for a family members birthday or something. I called for once recently at it was a $600 minimum to get the room, and that was for a place in Greenville, SC not New York City or Chicago….So for people that have never been to Disney and would like to experience it with less people in order to get more done they can, they don’t have to, it’s just an option.

      Now at the end of the day I was born at night but it wasn’t last night, in the end this is just another way Disney is trying to cover overages from the Shanghai project and/or losses with ESPN. But bigger than that, EMH are not being replaced by Paid Magic Hours (at least not at this time), and Disney isn’t forcing anyone to pay $150 for this ticketed event.

      1. Erin

        While you don’t HAVE to pay extra, people who have paid a lot of money to come for the week, should be concerned about the park closing earlier than it would have to people not paying for this perk. Would magic kingdom be open until 11:00 or 12:00 for visitors if it weren’t for these special events. Looking at the dates, this concerns possibly multiple nights within a given seven day period. It is challenging enough to plan your week at Disney with fast passes and dining reservations, extra magic hours, and special events; cutting your time at Magic Kingdom by even an hour or two on one or two of the nights makes that planning even more difficult. Love the special events and happily make the trip at least once a year but getting increasingly disappointed with the obvious cash grabs. A Dsiney vacation is quickly becoming out of range for most middle class families.

        1. Stephanie

          The park is not closing earlier than originally scheduled. For April 14th the park was supposed to close at 10 with no EMHs. This really isn’t changing anything. People are over reacting and being ridiculous.

        2. Steve

          The operating hours for the park haven’t changed at all. Most times of the year the park is only open until 8pm. During peak seasons, 10 or 11… very rarely will the park ever be open later than that. So again… just don’t buy a ticket to this event if you can’t afford it.

    2. Renee

      One thing to remember is that since you are a Florida resident, you get to visit Disney as often as you like. Those that come once per year or even once in a lifetime have that one opportunity. If they or anyone wants to pay to have this experience, its their prerogative and no one is forced to do so.

    3. Yannean

      Valene, if you are an annual passholder it is only $75 per person not $150. I received an email stating this on the disney newsletter!

  3. Denny C

    Is the $149 in ADDITION to a regular park ticket or is it for the entire day plus the extra hours? I can’t help but think that Disney is testing the waters to see if they can phase out those free Extra Magic Hours and eventually charge for them.

    1. Mark

      It sounds like that is the amount, including the extra hours. And I doubt they would phase out the normal extra magic hours for hotel guests since that would cause a big backlash from hotel guests. It seems they are trying to give non-hotel members that option too, while making more money in the process.

      1. EricJ

        Specifically, the locals who don’t stay at the hotels, and the conventioneers who are stuck outside of property on the rich I-Drive hotels, and have more evening park time than day time.

    2. WD

      The ticket will get you in at 7 like Holiday Party tickets. Basically think of this as a Holiday Party with twice the price and no special entertainment and you get the picture. If this goes over well look for a dramatic rise in Holiday Prices as well.

      1. Steve

        This event will also be less crowded than holiday parties meaning even shorter lines for people who have never visited before and want to get as much done as possible. Unlimited Ice Cream and bottled Beverages is also included in the cost. 6-7 hours with little to no wait, all regularly scheduled evening entertainment, and junk food is worth $150 for people who only have a rare opportunity to visit.

      2. Dawn

        I was wondering the same

    3. Dawn

      Good question

    4. Liz

      If they do, we will never stay on property ahain. Ever! EMH is the main reason to stay on property! Let’s face it. You can stay in a much nicer hotel for less money. Disney is getting greedy!!!

  4. Chuck

    We have a family trip planed for the end of June. We also visited last year. Last year there were 2 nights, during our stay, in which the Magic Kingdom was open until 2-3am. It was great fun for our family to experience the park at the wee hours of the morning. So far this year, there are no posted extra magic hours past 12mid. I hope they don’t do away with this perk or expect guests to pay more. If they do, it will not keep us away but will be highly disappointing. Riding haunted mansion at 2am is one of our kids favorite things to do.

  5. Jeff

    Temporary upcharge event to make up for overruns of Shanghai Disneyland, similar to how there were a bunch of upcharge events a few years ago to make up for over runs of My Magic +.

  6. Jack

    Just say no. People have to stand up and stop the greedy money grab at some point. Disney is losing the fun very quickly. May be time to evaluate if I continue with annual pass renewals. It’s getting way out of control.

  7. Nicole

    Before there were EMH, you had events like this, only they were cheaper. I remember having to pay for one in 2003 when I had my graduation trip. I’m not sure that it was even $50 back then. If they are not doing anything special like a parade or special fireworks, then why is it so much?

    1. EricJ

      The desserts. 😉
      Seriously, I’m going with Jeff’s theory that they’re going to get a little paid-party happy over the next few seasons as “charity benefits” to make up the Shanghai costs.
      (Particularly with Club Villain being such a successful use of the unused Studios building, they’re going to see how many ticket events they can sell.)

      I remember them surviving the travel crunch of ’01, and they’ll survive this.

  8. Gigi

    Sounds ridiculous!! Like I’m going to spend $600.00 for a family of 4 in order to experience a measly 3 extra hours in the park, are they out of their mind?!

  9. Not worth $75.00 an hour! As I am a DVC member or have stayed on property; I have always had this benefit. If I lose my special time to profiteering sales, a.k.a. more ticket holders, I would like to know what is the benefit of staying on property! Disney’s greed, my disgust, is starting to take over my love for this Magic Escape

    1. Liz

      Exactly! Greedy as hell!

  10. Vicki

    So these are the times of Magic hours. This just seems greedy as I stay at the GF (at a very high rate) to get the magic hours. For the last 8 years we have gone for Christmas holiday. This year the GF prices were so high, I hope the magic hours don’t disappear, as we may have to. Very sad. Shame on you Disney.

    1. Liz

      I agree! Wholeheartedly!

  11. Adam

    For what it’s worth, as an Australian traveling to Orlando this is probably worth paying for. It’s actually not a huge increase on a day ticket, and you get the bonus of less lines. Leaving your hotel around 6 and being able to ride and enjoy the park with less wait is a great idea and a full night of fun. I think we’d do it. You could easily fit two days of MK touring into one night, and do it at your own pace.

    1. Veronica Oxford

      I agree. My family and I are from California and are going in May. We were concerned with having to spend most of our time retrieving fast passes so we do not have to wait as long. It is worth it to us to buy tickets to Disney After Hours and be able to ride all the rides without a fast pass or long wait.

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  13. Liz

    I think Disney is going to tick off a lot of people with this. I’d be really mad if I stayed on site hoping to get extra magic hours and then was expected to shell out another $149 a person to stay in park. Disney is becoming $hungry. People won’t stay onsite. They will get cheaper (and nicer for $) rooms when they aren’t getting benefits they normally would.

  14. Disappointing, as a long Disney fan (40 years) and an annual pass holder (family of 5). I received an e-mail giving me the “opportunity” to pay $75.00 plus tax per person to enjoy ” 3 Magic Hours” at the Magic Kingdom, let me see…that is $80.25 tax included multiply by 5 people = $401.25 for three hours…” on top of my 5 annual passes, what a bargain”. Actually I am not disappointed, I am furious at Disney and their Money grabbing Schemes. Their overpriced hotels, their terrible overpriced food at the parks and their overall money grabbing. it is a personal decision left to each of us and since their parks keep getting full there is no end in sight, but this is my last year with Disney.

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  16. Jennifer

    Living in IL, parents in FLA, visited WDW over 100 times since its opening. Now snowbirds ourselves and annual pass holders. Love having special events and treatment. Hate the overcrowded parks now a days. Would partake of the EMH.
    Planning fall Epcot wine and food festival trip taking family got their first time and really disappointed that cannot get any reservations to tastings already…seems to b all booked up. Why r we even doing this? Not fun anymore. Does Disney even read this?

  17. Julie

    I think frozen is taken over all the parks.
    Becoming frozen magic kingdom
    Plus to think about making her gay is over the top.
    Little children don’t understand just leave her a princess.

  18. Matthew Guerrera

    Another Disney money grab. It’s not enough the money people pay for a weeks vacation and the endless dollars spent while there. Now they are closing parks earlier to charge people for another admission. As a DVC member I’m very disappointed.

  19. Andrea

    I am very disappointed with this obvious attempt to get more money from guests. I’m a DVC member and have been coming for years and noticed for our next trip the night time extra magic hours at all parks are virtually non-existant. During past stays, the Magic Kingdom would be open several nights until midnight and one night until 2 or 3 a.m. Hollywood Studios is only open until 8pm, no evening EMH. Our stay in over Easter break, which is an extremely busy time at Disney.
    Very disappointed!


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