PHOTOS: New Universal Studios Store unveiled in advance of Wizarding World grand opening at Universal Studios Hollywood

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It’s going to be a big summer for Universal Studios Hollywood. Between the Wizarding World of Harry Potter opening on April 7th and and the new, permanent Walking Dead walkthrough attraction coming at a yet-unannounced date later on, the park seems destined to have one of its biggest years ever.

That’s why it makes perfect sense for Universal to spruce up other areas of the park in anticipation of the coming attendance spike, including the massive new Universal Studios Store near the park’s main entrance. The new shopping block includes a gorgeous art-deco Starbucks, a big Harry Potter merch department isolated apart from the Wizarding World itself, and a lovely main section chock-full of Minions and souvenirs from other popular Universal properties.


Occupying the space that previously housed the park’s former walkthrough mazes like Van Helsing: Fortress Dracula and Universal’s House of Horrors, the bright, shining new Studios Store sports a gleaming Hollywood-themed facade that fits in perfectly with the surrounding architecture.

It’s been an exciting few years with a lot of long-term changes for Universal Studios Hollywood, and it’s always satisfying to see them finally come to fruition.

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