PHOTOS: Levees appear on Disneyland’s Rivers of America as rerouting construction progresses

in Disneyland Resort

For months, ever since the announcement of the Star Wars Land expansion and its location within Disneyland park, theme park fans have wondered just how the rerouting of the Rivers of America would be accomplished. Now it appears we have our answer. The river has been dammed about halfway back on both sides of Tom Sawyer Island, near Splash Mountain on the west and near the abandoned Mine Train Through Nature’s Wonderland tracks on the east.

It would seem the plan is to drain the rear section of the river, before demolition can start on removing the back part of Tom Sawyer Island, and rerouting of the river itself can begin.


The long wait for the Star Wars-themed area and the reopening of the Rivers of America (not to mention the Disneyland Railroad) continues… but it’s nice to see some progress being made!

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