Disneyland reveals concept art of redesigned Rivers of America after Star Wars construction is completed

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Just a day after Disneyland temporarily closed a significant portion of the park to accommodate the construction of the new Star Wars area, Walt Disney Imagineering has released concept art that shows how Rivers of America will look once its completed next year.

Disneyland Star Wars Rivers of America

A new riverbank complete with a waterfall, as well as an elevated track for the Disneyland Railroad to pass over the water, are among the highlights that can be spotted in the concept art.

The “Fantasmic!” fireworks show, the Disneyland Railroad, the Mark Twain Riverboat, Davy Crockett’s Explorer Canoes, the Sailing Ship Columbia and Pirate’s Lair on Tom Sawyer Island will all be temporarily closed for the coming year while Disneyland works on the approximately 14-acre area designated for Star Wars. Big Thunder Ranch is now permanently closed, including the Big Thunder Jamboree and the Big Thunder Ranch Barbecue.

For a more detailed look at the many changes that have taken place at Disneyland because of construction, click here for Inside the Magic’s report.


  1. That looks nice, but it’s not in context of the larger project, or at least just that portion of the concept art is.

    What I will say is I like it. It looks like an attempt to bring the more “romantic” portion of travel from the 1850’s and beyond cross-country railroad trips. The waterfalls will add some white noise that visitors will enjoy but will be far enough away so as not to distract from any other attractions. The raised/over-water will add some much needed variety to what has traditionally been seated on the berm surrounding the park and will look amazing when viewed from across the Rivers of America, from the Island and from the views of the boat attractions!

  2. liz

    You can’t even see anything in this photo. Did they do that on purpose?

  3. Dick

    The concept art does give a good idea of the finished project. The actual project will be a more enhanced area. That part of the train was not too exciting.

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