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  1. Nick

    If the roped-off areas go away too, good riddance. But if they’re just going to convert them into ‘premium experience’ upcharges, then no thanks.

    1. Agree. Everything is turning into a chance to make money.

    2. Kristy

      Agree 100%!

  2. katherine

    this sucks i do not want to find a spot and wait and hour before the parade starts i like being able to have a spot that i did not have to go and find and they had the perfect spots for people with a fastpass i hope they try this and it doesn’t work out and they bring it back

    1. Grammar Police

      Wow. I don’t know what hurts more: the taking away of the FastPass options or your failure to grasp the common rules of grammar: puncuation, capitalization, and sentence structure.

      1. Magic Mike

        Out freakin’ standing!!!!

      2. Ginger

        Perhaps the internet trolls should a) remember that there are real people behind blog posts and b) spell check before posting a snarky reply. The word is punctuation.

        1. Kyle

          God bless your soul. I personally agree 100%

        2. Carolyn Terry

          Love it!

      3. Grammer School

        Grammer police needs to go back to police academy to learn how to spell. lol.

        1. BrianBrian

          Citizen’s arrest! Citizen’s arrest!

        2. Garaan

          … It’s spelled ‘grammar’. Which you’d know if you actually paid attention in English at all. Grammer police probably just police little old ladies.

      4. Spelling Police

        I think you should learn how to spell punctuation.

  3. Ryan

    I love it. Do this to Fantasmic as well. Every man for himself at shows like that and parades works so much better.

    1. Bradley


  4. RCocks

    There is nothing wrong with monetizing things. It is the way a business should work. However, it does not mean people have to purchase what they are selling.

    If people purchase premium tickets, then Disney, as a company, is doing the right thing for their business and their stockholders.

    But this does not mean I would purchase any type of premium item? Most likely not.

  5. Pat

    Well said cris, my thoughts exactly

  6. TA

    I agree! We have annual passes and can never get on certain rides bc they’re booked for fast pass. It’s so frustrating that we spend so much money for our annual passes and don’t get to enjoy the rides we love because they’re all booked.

    1. The Von

      Cry me a river annual passholders. You can go to the parks on “spur of the moment” but criticize people with limited time who actually plan ahead and make reservations and fastpasses? And you know, there is like the standby line if you really want to ride that ride. Just saying.

      1. winter

        True people who can only afford Disney as maybe 1 trip a year should be able to book fast passes 6 months in advance.

        1. Scott

          I’m an annual pass holder and live in New Hampshire. It’s cheaper to get the annual pass and stay off site (free parking with the pass) at a Motel 6 for 21 days a year than to go for 7 and stay in the park.

      2. Evil Shenanigans

        As an Annual Pass holder I resent your notion that those visiting only once per year somehow makes them more entitled to fast passes. I enjoy being able to pop in for a few hours whenever we want and think I should have access to a few fast passes the same as anyone else. I firmly support a portion of FP being available for advance reservation, while leaving a portion available only on the day of operation. Also, I would love to see a penalty or a cancellation of all FP if the FP isn’t redeemed. Too many times people make the selections only to change plans or Parks once in the world. I think it would cut down on misuse and free up a lot of FP slots.

        1. Tampa Mom

          Back when we had annual passes, you had to pick three FPs, like it or not. Has that changed? Because it would be very unfair to penalize people for not riding things they never wanted to in the first place.

        2. HeliconiaPink

          Problem is that when you have children, sometimes things just don’t go the way you planned. For example, it’s not fair to penalize me by cancelling all of my FP if we missed the first one because my son choked and gagged at breakfast necessitating a complete wardrobe change for both of us (YES, this happened to me recently).

      3. You don’t understand… AP holders can’t just WAIT IN LINE like some shmuck! If they don’t have Fastpasses, they can’t go on the ride AT ALL.

    2. Truth

      Then buy a fast pass!

  7. Lynda Ashton

    We all know its the next step towards charging for the privilege – really losing the magic these days ?

  8. Roz

    I was going to use these for my mother-in-law who is in a wheel chair, they don’t do special treatment during the parade this was her only way to see without fighting for a chair spot. 🙁

    1. Carl

      There actually are reserved spots for guests in wheelchairs in Liberty square and the castle hub

    2. Lee

      They have a handicap section for parades

  9. Kayleigh

    Loved the fastpass area for wishes and celebrate the magic when I was there, you got far more space so it meant on at least one night I could actually see the castle without being pushed directly behind someone with their kid on their shoulders (I’m unfortunately short).

    1. winter

      I agree I liked the fast pass areas. I don’t want to waste an hour to have to grab a spot for the parade only to have someone push in front so their kid can see. After I have stood there for an hour!

  10. liz

    Thank goodness about time

  11. EricJ

    I had the roped-off “reserved” area on FP for the Parade one summer, and got a beautiful view of the Frozen float and Maleficent Mecha-Dragon entering the Hub…I also got stuck directly in the sun, ended up with more burn than my blocker could handle, and my iPad couldn’t film the parade because it overheated.
    I may take my chances in the shade of a Main Street shop next time.

  12. Carey

    This stinks. I don’t do parades with my 3 year old unless we have a FP. Sitting on a curb for an hour+ waiting for a parade rarely works well for any 3 year old (or her family, or anyone else nearby). And if we don’t stake out a spot ahead of time, she can’t see, because I don’t want to block other people’s views by putting her on anyone’s shoulders.

    When she’s older, for a variety of reasons, I’m sure it won’t make sense. But using a FP to see a parade with a small child makes a lot of sense, and I’ll miss being able to do this.

  13. Luis

    This makes me so happy!!!! ???

    I thought that FastPass+ ruined everything when it came to viewing parade and fireworks!!

  14. Mary Ellen Schymanski

    I used it last year and thought it was a waste of my fast pass!! But I do certainly hope they don’t start charging for it!!

  15. Bernadette

    I’ve never even tried to fast pass a parade. But I’ve also never had trouble finding a spot to watch from. We usually go about half an hour before the parade starts. But we watch from frontierland, not main Street.

  16. Jamie

    Good, why should us “regular folk” have to grab a spot and sit there for 2 hours so we can see while the fast past people get prime “looking”! I never was a big fan of fast pass, after all back in the “olden” days CM’s would tell you to go to the left of the time because it was always shorter and people automatically go to the right. When I was there for leap year, I actually did try the FP for a few rides and it wasn’t too bad. I think that’s what FP’s should be used for JUST the rides.

  17. sheryl

    I did the fast pass for the fireworks, ONCE. I did it hoping that I could sit and watch the show (even it it was on the ground) without having to fight for a good spot to see everything. However, they squeezed so many people into those areas for the show, that they forced everyone to stand before the fireworks started and it made viewing very uncomfortable. I was better off finding a spot in the park on my own and being able to sit. No great loss as far as I am concerned.

  18. Elaine

    I have a fast pass for April 22 for the Festival of Fantasy Parade. Will they honor that or will I have to pick another one? I have terrible arthritis and can’t stand 2 hours to claim my spot. Some people might think it is ridiculous to fast pass a parade but sometimes it is necessary.

    1. Lee

      If they change it you will get a notification however they don’t typically just cancel existing fast passes when they make a change.

  19. Tom

    I liked the ability to use Fastpass for fireworks and parade due to not being a regular visitor to park. If you have little kids getting to use it for the parade and fireworks was nice. But, I see them taking and making this into another kind of money maker for the down the road. I more upset that the Fairy Godmother’s are being removed due to cost. I cannot understand how this cuts into Disney bottom line.

  20. Christeen

    I thought that it was a good idea for night parades but was a wasted space for day parades. Fireworks can be seen any where you can see the castle.

  21. Ashley

    I get the people who only can come once a year to get fast passes to have 60 days in advance but annual pass holders we work and the day that we have off we can’t book fast pass for rides, parades or meet and greet because they are always booked. We are all guests at Disney.

  22. Lori

    I think this is fair. Ever since the new fast past system was introduced its been harder and harder to get passes for what you want at a time that works with everything else. Especially since you have to wait until you trip is close enough these passes where never available. Now maybe we can all enjoy these areas

  23. Smaller Sheep

    Bwahahaha, 6 months? Try 60 days.

  24. I didn’t even know you could fastpass these events. Been going every year for ten years now and have always found a good spot through experiance. Keep the roped off areas for people who need assistance

  25. Clare

    Well…. Fast pass works I guess, to keep the park flowing (assuming visitors fast pass varying attractions) but half the fun of the parade is bagging a spot early, resting your feet and enjoying an ice cream…
    Last year we only fast passed the rides my son did not want to miss, we also got a few last minute ones too, it worked well.
    I really don’t like the sound of premium tickets though…. For UK visitors the holiday alone is so expensive and I don’t imagin Walt would have wanted to put his visitors into a ‘class’ system….

  26. Nic

    We had Fast Passes it did us no good…we were told to ‘move along’ ruined the whole experience trying to find a place where three little kids could see their first firework show at Disney…..

  27. Jim

    You can’t book fast passes more than 60 days ahead.

  28. Michael

    When does this start? What if you already have FP+ for Wishes and IllumiNations? We are going first week of April.

  29. Leon

    I like eggs.

    1. Kim

      I like cereal.

  30. Megi

    Honestly. Good. Everyone that is fussing you have apparently experienced Disney before fast passes. When it was no choice but to wait in lines, go to a parade early. It’s called let’s learn a bit of patience, teach our children patience -more adults though. You are in Walt Disney World. One of the most poplar tourist destinations. You will wait in long lines, expect it. It will be hot and humid, your in central Florida by the Gulf of Mexico, use your head. Try a little extra planning and go stand in your parade spot early. it was done for years and years and years before fast passes we available. It’s absolutely possible.

    1. BRAVO! These horrible parents need to remember that there are other parents there with their children as well. Not to mention people of ALL ages that are there for the same reason. Learn some respect for your fellow human and remember you are ALL on vacation. Why not be nice?????????

  31. Em

    LOL…We at disneyland call this transition “DINING PACKAGES”

  32. Sue

    Please also send your comments to Disney. If enough people comment, they will listen and change things. It has happened before, believe it or not.

  33. Melissa

    I lived in Orlando for 10 years and am a former cast member. Instead of arguing over who is more entitled to get fast passes you could try being grateful that you get to go to wdw at all. There are thousands of kids in Orlando who have never stepped foot in one of those parks because they are less fortunate than you are. I got sick of seeing bratty, spoiled kids who weren’t impressed by being there. Meanwhile moms complained about how they didn’t want to wait for food because they had waited too long to feed the kids and dad’s are too busy checking out the half dressed teen girls to pay attention to their wives or kids. Instead of complaining about how awful your life is because you can’t wait an hour for something why don’t you be thankful you get to experience it in the first place.

    1. Beautifully put! I have witnessed that myself and when I step foot in the park, I can’t help but think how lucky I am to be there with my loved ones in that fabulous environment.
      There are times that I just wanted to hug the staff for all they do to make my visit so wonderful.

  34. I have been going to Walt Disney World with my family for over 20 years now and have seen the changes with the way people are treated that do not stay in the Disney resorts. It is very distressing that this huge company does not realize that NOT every visitor to their parks stays in their resorts. We have ALL purchased tickets and every “guest” should be treated with the same opinions, regardless of where you stay. My money is spent in the parks as well! Having a timeshare in Florida makes me more likely to visiting their parks more often.
    Fast Pass is a wonderful option that should be utilized, but when it comes to an event such as waiting for a show or parade, Disney needs to try and enforce their guests positive behavior with getting ready for the event.
    Why not build more observation areas? Rest areas could also be a fantastic option for families with children in strollers to rest in a shaded area or on a blanket. That way, the parents and the child can take a break and then continue their enjoyment of the park. It would also be nice not to see frantic parents dragging around exhausted children who offend my ears and my soul.

    1. Melissa

      I don’t get how you think resort vs non resort guests are treated different. It’s not like cast members look at each person and judge if they’re resort guests or not. As cms we have way more on our minds like how we have to be perfect and happy all the time and most cms only make minimum wage. Expectations are high for little money. Not to mention dealing with certain guests who expect the world on a silver platter. I’ve seen guests talk down to a cm as if they’re trash and the cm has to just smile and take it. The only time a cm knows if someone is a resort guest is if they pay with their hotel card, even then they don’t know what resort you’re at. It could the grand Floridian or it could be an all star. They don’t care, what cms care about is people enjoying themselves and being nice and respectful to others.

  35. Alicia

    It was convenient for the FoF Daytime parade…but when we had then for Electrical Parade and Wishes, it really was no better than a spot I would have saved for myself 30 min before the show…and unless you are going alone with a child, not everyone has to wait. I being a blanket and fold in several times to make it just wide enough to sit on. Usually it us perfect for 4 people. I sit on the end and put my backpack etc on the rest. My family goes to enjoy an attraction or get a snack.. The blanket hold their spot.. I keep it folded where it only holds the minimum amount of folded space.. Works every time 🙂

  36. Tanya

    GOOD! And while they’re at it they need to do away with the fast passes for the other shows. Used them yesterday for the first time and they are absolutely useless…got no better a seat than I would’ve gotten in standby. Saw no value what so ever. As a Florida resident and season pass holder I see many flaws to the whole fast pass system. Not a fan of it at all!

  37. Kae

    Fast passes can be reserved at most 60 days out, not 6 months and that’s only for those staying on property with tickets. APH can reserve 30 days out. The paper passes required us to go to a ride, get a paper ticket, then return when they deemed. FPs would still be gone for popular rides a couple of hours after open anyway. I can’t tell you how many times I ran to Soarin’ to find out the FPs were gone to then run over to Test Track to find out the FPs were gone. No thanks old system, I’m good reserving 30 days out and having a chance. I’m an APH too and if I don’t get on Mine Train this trip, I’ll be back next month. I’m okay with a family on their once in a life time trip reserving the best for themselves before me. Plus, I can plan my route in order, instead of wasting time with a lot of back tracking.

  38. Kae

    I use my FPs for rides, so this won’t impact me. I think I read that they were adding another FoF parade? That may help with the crowds.

  39. Bill jones

    I am very unhappy with the fastpass removal for parades and fireworks. I thought it was a great idea for those who really enjoyed those activity over rides. Makes no sense to me. A major downgrade…

  40. TOM A

    Good! That Is how it should be. The park was so much easier back when you just worked in a circle and waited in lines and did them in order. Fastpass has too much running around. If you want a good seat for a parade or fireworks go there and wait.

  41. Elyse

    I always watch fireworks from country bears jamboree or from the train station. never had an issue trying to see!

  42. Melissa

    I just spoke to Disney Guest services, on behalf of a client, who told me this info is not true. Parades and fireworks are still being offered as fast passes. She said this info is all from unofficial/rumor mill websites.

  43. Brock

    To be frank I’m happy none of the parades were cancelled.

  44. Cat

    So glad!! It’s part of the disney experience to have to wait for forever and protect your spot. It makes it so worth it when you’re in the show and have a prime spot that you earned and you normally meet great people around you too that you’re waiting with. You shouldn’t be able to pay to stand in a certain place.

  45. Lee

    Resort guests only get 60 days. You as a pass holder get 30 days. Cast that work their butts off only get 7 days.

  46. Sharon

    Prices of Disney tickets are getting to be a bit to much . Everything has an up charge. We are premium pass holders and feel we have no more Privileges than the regular pass holders, other than the photo pass . I think it is
    Ridiculous that a child’s pass is the same as the adults. They can’t ride some of the rides, they don’t drive, therefore don’t need free parking and they don’t use the photo pass . Not sure what Disney is thinking but I do feel this will be our last year as pass holders. The prices are becoming out of reach . As for taking away the fast pass for the fire works is just another example of Disney making a mistake .

  47. Pat

    Good riddance. I couldn’t access most of my favorite spots with fast pass and way too crowded with fast pass , now if only desert party would give back the terrace

  48. Bunch

    I have never been a fan of the current FP process. Liked the old ticket process. Everyone had same shot. But as a whole WDW is pricing for a once in a lifetime experience. And that is their choice. It is my choice, now that all my old tickets are used, to spend my vacation elsewhere. Disney is a great place but it’s more about monetizing now. Tickets expire, built in price increases, etc. But we can all choose to vote with our wallets.

  49. Annette

    I think it’s great!!!!

  50. sheryl

    i hate the entire fast pass+ so much that we now prefer universal & seaworld because it’s more fair to all! we loved the old fast pass way!!! now disney plans to charge $149 per adult to stay 3 hours later for anyone willing to pay, starting later this year. you can stay off site to get this. disney will give “free” ice cream & drinks to these MK after hour patrons. wow, … it’s so rediculous. you already pay $110 for the regular day. i wonder if they will only do parades & fireworks during the after hours time in the future? (think about it.) we bought tickets to take 6 people to disney 1 1/2 years ago & are still holding them, hoping they bring the magic back soon! 1/2 the group have never been there & i want them to know the magic feeling we used to experience. long lines are not the “happiest place” that walt invisioned! i’m surprised they still portray that image in commercials. thank God the terminally ill still get the magical pass!

  51. Jeff

    Fastpasses for parades and fireworks were totally unnecessary especially with all the space in the hub now. It made no sense to have them to begin with, so it makes sense to get rid of it.

  52. Elissa

    Hallelujah! I hated that option. Staking out our perfect spot was always a fun part of our trip and an opportunity to eat a sack and rest.

  53. PhilZ

    I bet they are ready to start charging for that spot???

  54. Eddie

    So many people with comments but no one checked the facts? You can still get them. I’m not sure if this was a bad April Fools joke, just please triple source before posting a “news report”.

  55. Cody

    OM baby Jesus thank you God. I was not a fan of that fast pass option at all

  56. Beth

    Wishes fast pass is not an option for our trip June 15-20. It’s just not there! (as of May15th)

  57. Linda P.

    Fantastic! about time

  58. Kathy Godfrey

    This is great! Finally something on which there is not an upcharge. Really, is this still the place that Walt Disney envisioned when he said: I want a place where families can take their children and feel safe. Now everything is safe, with the exception of their pocketbook.

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