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  1. David

    So rather than offend guests who might possibly be offended by two guys or two girls wearing the just engaged or just married buttons they switch them all to Happily Ever After. Seems like a cop out to me. I think Disney guests are a lot more in touch with today than Disney gives them credit. I see Male Couples and Female Couples holding hands and walking together every day, (as a cast member) and no one is offended. It’s accepted and anyone who is offended needs to grow up!

    1. Meissa

      I don’t think the “streamlining” has anything at all to do with politics. I’ve heard that argument bandied about before, but I think it’s about money and managing guest expectations. I don’t know how many times I’ve heard or read Disney guests on their honeymoon say that they dislike the “Happily Ever After” button because it doesn’t make them feel “special” enough and that cast members don’t give enough recognition to newlyweds. I think the idea is to mitigate that sense of entitlement.

    2. Dan

      Why do you say that? I don’t see anywhere that the purpose was to not offend two guys or two girls wearing the just engaged or just married buttons. Historically Disney World has been one of the leaders in openly acknowledging same sex couples.

      1. Dan

        Also, my wife just pointed out to me, it appears that the Happily Ever After button has two generic “hidden Mickey” style figures, one gold and one silver. This could be interpreted however one pleases.
        p.s. I’m not the same as the other Dan below. 😀

    3. Greg

      Exactly how do you know no one is offended? You are polling all people as they pass by? Don’t assume. I think that this is clearly a change aimed at gay couples. Because the Anniversary button clearly showed a male and female, that wasn’t fitting for gay couples, and so they did away with and went with the generic. I think all of the other changes are essentially a smokescreen to make it seem like they are changing all designs at the same time, whereas it was just to “modernize” the couple buttons. I am sad to see the Anniversary buttons disappear. Happily Ever After, because it is so general, essentially means nothing, and any couple at any time could wear it. So what?

      1. Kenneth Cox

        Disney = Business

        3 Buttons costs more than 1 Button.

    4. Charles

      I think it was just to simplify things. It looks like there is room on the button to ask a cast member to write “just married” or “10th Anniversary” or whatever.

  2. Dan

    Your picture of the first visit pin is the old one.

  3. Holly

    This makes me sad i was looking forward to getting and wearing the just married one in a month. 🙁

    1. Charles

      Not quite the same…but for sure ask a cast member to write Just married on the button!

  4. Lauri

    Bummer. I was looking forward to the happy anniversary buttons. To me happily ever after is more for newly engaged or newly weds. We’ll be celebrating 33 years.

    1. Charles

      LOL – sounds like you are “having” your Happily Ever After! That’s so awesome. I would just have then write the number of anniversary years on the button.

  5. Dom

    As a gay man, I like the new Happily Ever After much more than the old Happy Anniversary. As we have spent the past 3 of our anniversaries in WDW, we always loved the pin, but it was weird having a male/female figure on it, when we are both men. The new design now suits any type of relationship. Well done!

  6. Monica

    The just married button was actually discontinued years ago. Just still working out its remaining inventory.

  7. Rachel

    What about the newly engaged and family reunion buttons?

  8. Anne

    Disney World got rid of the Just Married buttons quite some time ago. I know this since I tried so hard to find one when we went there for our honeymoon in April 2015. So I made my own! My husband and I wore custom buttons (I can make buttons at my job) that I made myself. The employees absolutely LOVED them and we got so many comments! So if you don’t like their buttons, don’t hold back on creating your own!

  9. Karla

    I’m going to miss old celebrating button we had a castmember write the yr on the balloons so since then we do that to commemorate out visit. But in a way it will be good to have a different button for my collection.
    Wonder could you get a current castmember (if you know one personally) to get one of the old buttons for Just Married or Happy Anniversary . I’m not offended by new just don’t have one of the others.

  10. Sophie

    Do they still have the just graduated buttons?

    1. Chad

      They phased out the Juat Graduated and Just Engaged buttons far before this change, but ask around places where buttons are given out because some locations have a few hidden to hand out. I’m a cast member, and I see them on guests here and there. 🙂

  11. Artemis

    I’d rather that my partner and I get the same button as the straight couples instead of getting a special “Gay” button. There aren’t and cannon gay couples, and even if they did, it would save them a lot of the trouble of making three variations of each button. But I still wish there were three couples celebrations in non-couple-specific styles.

  12. Lavender

    My wife and I — lesbian couple — went to Disney 10 years ago for our honeymoon. We didn’t feel the prince/princess “Just Married” buttons represented us well so we bought some princess stickers and put Sleeping Beauty over the prince on the buttons, so that Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty were beginning their happy ever after. (The fact that the Sleeping Beauty sticker was the same size as the picture of Cinderella, and the fact that she was holding her hand out in the same way that the prince was on the button, convinced me the Disney gods were on our side on this one.) We also wore the Minnie Mouse wedding-veil ears around the park. And there were plenty of people who took offense — one woman who was with a maybe 8- or 9-year-old boy saw us and actually put her hand over the boy’s eyes as they walked so he wouldn’t see us, and then glared at us so fiercely that she didn’t pay attention to where she was leading him and wound up walking him straight into a trash can. But there were also plenty of people who were really lovely about it, so, you know. That’s life, for better and worse. Five years later we went back and got the Happy Anniversary button and covered Mickey with Daisy Duck (again, the right size!). And now there’s just Happily Ever After and it’s ungendered and theoretically I should be glad about this nod to inclusivity but I’m kind of sad we don’t need to personalize our buttons with stickers anymore, because it was sort of fun. Anyway, thanks for this post. We were considering going to Disney for our 10-year anniversary coming up and I was curious as to what kinds of buttons they’re giving out these days. The Internet knows all.

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