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  1. Cate

    Is there any word about when Dory will be joining Turtle Talk with Crush? Hoping it will be there by June!

  2. Greg

    You forgot to mention increased theme park pricing, increased parking pricing, increased hotel pricing, increased dining plan pricing, while reducing entertainment options, entertainers, cast members, operating hours for some attractions, and possibly operating hours in general.

    1. Guest

      Cheer up Greg.

  3. New Star Wars entertainment offerings at Magic Kingdom


    With these Star Wars offerings debuting on April 4th they wouldn’t really be put in the summer category but as they will quite surely be popular all summer long they deserve a spot on the list. First we will see the new addition of the Star Wars stage show, “Star Wars: A Galaxy Far, Far Away”. Then there’s also a new stormtrooper march lead by Captain Phasma herself and in the evening a reimagined fireworks show called Star Wars: A Galactic Spectacular. Party on!

  4. Tom JK

    1-6 are the most interesting ones. I could care less about a cupcake ATM. It’s a silly gimmick. Although, that new restaurant at the Animal Kingdom looks like fun.

    Still, I’m going to be honest. There are more important things that I think Disney needs to do or update. Here’s a few of them:

    1. “The Great Movie Ride” at Hollywood Studios needs a major update. They must keep the great classics from “Wizard of Oz,” “Casablanca,” “Alien,” “Raiders of the Lost Ark,” and “Mary Poppins.” However, they should shorten the gangster and western sections so they can have room for more animatronics. I think if we got rid of the whole “Horror Movie” section (which doesn’t even have any iconic horror characters) and the statue with the jewel, maybe it would be cool to have Marvel superheroes or something Star Wars-related. I also, as part of my love for it, hope they add Lord of the Rings on the ride, only if Disney has the rights to use it.

    2. Update “Muppet Vision 3-D.” With all the new characters that have been brought to the Muppets, we could also use a new story for the ride. That Waldo character gets old fast whenever you keep going on again and again. I went there last year in hopes it had changed, thanks to the addition of Constantine appearing on the TV screens. Nothing changed. It needs to be fresh and funny again.

    3. After learning that Captain Eo has closed, I hear that they now have a “Disney & Pixar Short Film Festival” attraction. While I do like that, I do feel we should have a ride where Pixar or Disney characters take you on a fun 3-D adventure that resembles the same fun that “Honey! I Shrunk the Audience” had. Of course, we could just have that ride come back instead.

    4. Roger Rabbit’s Car Toon Spin should come to Disney World. Seriously. I have never been to Disney Land, and I would love to try that ride. I think it should be placed somewhere in Hollywood Studios, because the spirit of cartoons and the movies existed in “Who Framed Roger Rabbit.” It would be perfect there. Plus, maybe it would give Disney the chance to have meet-and-greets for Roger and Jessica again.

    5. We could have a Zootopia attraction, but I can’t tell if that would be better as a 3-D attraction, a restaurant, or a roller coaster. You decide! I don’t know if the Avatar world will work at Animal Kingdom, and it feels like a boring selection of rides, if you ask me. Maybe that’s where a Zootopia ride should go, only if there’s enough room for it.

    6. I’d love for the Haunted Mansion to add “Nightmare Before Christmas” characters, but only in a few spots. For example, those graveyard backdrops would be great if Jack Skellington rose from a coffin or grave. Who knows?

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