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  1. Donna

    Not a fan of the movie kind of apathetic about this

  2. Will

    When I was there back in june last year a lot of the imagineirs said that disney was aiming for late 2017…most said end of November

  3. Jonathan


  4. Andy slaughter

    HELL YEAH! I’ve been waiting year, for this.

  5. Tim

    I cannot, for the life of me, figure out how/why Disney chose Avatar. Sadly, this is not a must-visit type of property for me. Star Wars, yes… Avatar, no. I think this will be a visually stunning area of the park that will lose visitors interest after the first visit. I sincerely hope I’m wrong.

    1. EricJ

      Because James Cameron sold it to them, that’s why. Way back when Disney never dreamed they’d own any OTHER cool sci-fi franchises.
      (Also, this was way back when any fan conversation of Disney was “What will they get to beat Harry Potter?”–remember that one?–so they had to buy it from Cameron to make sure nobody else got it.)

  6. Wow, the World of Avatar at Disney’s Animal Kingdom.
    Oh, I know. You can ask someone about the new peanuts special called “Welcome to Walt Disney World, Charlie Brown”.:) In fact, it’s a new Disney Junior original movie on Disney Junior the Channel. 😀

  7. Dave

    Highest grossing film of all time check
    highest home market of all time check
    land thats adaptable to a theme park check
    will massively expand DAK check

    1. EricJ

      (Well, sorry about that first one–Three out of four’s not bad.) 😉

  8. Jeany Sanchez

    I can’t wait to see Pandora World of Avatar including Rides and Shops I can’t Hardly Wait for next year!

  9. Doxiedad

    I don’t understand the negativity by some. Animal Kingdom is themed on nature and conservation and that was the basic sub plot of Avatar. I kind of looked at the movie as Dances with Wolves meet the Na’vi of Pandora. The broader story fits well with Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

  10. Disneynut

    It is ok… Not making an extra trip just to see it though. Fern gully kids movie on steroids. Just wish it was an original story. Hard to come by these days I guess. I am more excited over the rivers of life show and the night time safari.

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