Comments for “Mickey’s Royal Friendship Faire” taking the castle stage this summer at Magic Kingdom Park


  1. Hunter

    I can’t wait for the new show.

  2. Patrick

    Isn’t it presumptuous to assume this new show will replace the Dream Along with Mickey show?

    Disney didn’t make any mention of the current show either continuing or being replaced in their blog post…

  3. Ed

    … What a political answer. Yes DAWM is going away. You think the Castle has the bandwidth for two stage shows? That happens only seasonal for Hocus Pocus and is a massive handful. Kiss DAWM good bye. It was a grand show but not what the resort needs with the facelift happening property wide.

    1. A1anne

      There is about 3 stages show in winter for christmas : DAWM, the Christmas show and the show of Elsa. Why couldn’t they do it for others season.

    2. A1anne

      Also it says this summer. Nothing says that this new show will last more than just a season.

  4. Christy

    The new show sounds great and all. But what I ask is why are they taking Cinderella out of all the shows. First it was the holiday show now this…are they slowly trying to kick out the namesake princess of the castle?!?!?

    1. EricJ

      Think DAWM had been around since the Year of A Million Dreams, and that was what….’03??
      While I’m not sorry to see it go, it also looks like they won’t get all the Frozen out of their system until after the Epcot Norway upgrade. (And THEN it’ll officially be Over.)

      One other article pointed out that it’s all Lasseter-era WDFA characters–no 90’s, no vintage, no Brave–and that raised the question of whether they’re just happy the 00’s Renaissance has hits, or whether it’s trying to take over like the 90’s characters did during the Eisner era.

  5. Dylan Kelly

    Wow. That was awesome plan. 🙂
    When I was there in February 2015, I saw everybody in castle stage on Dream Along with Mickey. And I’ll be miss that show and new show is Ok. I can’t wait a new show will be here in summer! I’ll be like it.

  6. Pirka

    Is it possible to both miss Dream Along AND be excited for something new? Because that’s how I’m feeling right about now…

  7. Jeany Sanchez

    I Can’t wait for the new show! Awesome!

  8. Rich Jr

    I am disgusted I love Dream Along with Mickey I would get the show early all the time just to get a good spot!
    Show will be missed majorly!

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