First Look: “Once Upon a Time” showcases Greg Germann as Hades

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When “Once Upon a Time” returns in March, the characters of the show are going to a very different place than Storybrooke. The show will be hitting its landmark 100th episode in March, and with that in mind, it looks like the show runners found the perfect way to bring back some fan favorites. By heading to the Underworld, Emma and the others will find themselves in the same path as the popular Disney villain Hades.

According to Entertainment Weekly, Hades runs an Underworld that is a twisted reflection of the Storybrooke that audiences have come to love. Hades will be portrayed by actor Greg Germann (“Talladega Nights” & “Bolt”), who has done a nice job playing quirky and odd villains in the past. They also provide us with our first look of the villain.

Hades once upon a time Greg Germann

The costume used here is a unique direction for the character to go in. The use of a suit makes sense with the story taking place in “the real world,” and the color scheme seems to pay homage to the costume from the original film. The hair on the other hand is a different story. Special effects on television shows have always been tricky, namely because they don’t carry the budgets that films do. The hair here looks decent, but time will tell if it holds up while on the show.

Hades Animated Hercules

Germann is also very thankful for the opportunity. He told EW, “Hades is such a fun, endlessly creative challenge. Anything goes. The creators bring him to life on the page with the same out-of-the-box unpredictability that they bring to the rest of the show.” The show has given its villains plenty to work with, and Germann has plenty of talent to make the most of the opportunity.

barbara-hershey 2

The showrunners seem to be more excited than ever to bring in a new villain. Edward Kitsis, one of the producers of the show, explained that “Hades is a very dangerous fellow, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun being the Devil.” Apparently he runs a tight ship, and when the heroes make their way to the Underworld, he shows off some of his prized “possessions.” This explains how Barabara Hershey will return to the show, as well as other characters like Peter Pan (Robbie Kay) and Cruella de Vil (Victoria Smurfit). It’s starting to look like the episode will be excellent for fan service.

With the turmoil that ended the mid-season finale, the show will certainly be on relatively new ground. It’ll be interesting if the new season will take place primarily in Storybrooke, or if instead the setting is shifted to the Underworld for a story arc. I think it would be an excellent way to finish off the season, and perhaps build strong excitement for whatever is to come in Season 6. Fan service episodes have helped shows build to new heights, and “Once Upon a Time” has a devoted fan base that will surely eat up the opportunity.

“Once Upon a Time” will return on March 6th, 2016.

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