Disney Princess moments recreated with dolls; Disney to announce new Disney Princess on GMA Feb 19th

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This past weekend the New York Toy Fair showcased tons of new toys, including tons of Disney ones. For the occasion, photographer Brian McCarty teamed up with Disney Consumer Products to recreate some scenes from our favorite Disney movies starring Disney Princesses to be a part of the new Dream Big, Princess campaign. Featuring Merida, Tiana, and Rapunzel McCarty used meticulously handmade sets, custom props and the new Disney Princess doll collection.

It was also revealed that Disney will reveal a new Disney Princess to join their Princess lineup on ABC’s Good Morning America on February 19th.



Disney Princess characters have been cherished for generations. Their incredible stories and unique qualities, whether it’s Merida’s bravery, Tiana’s determination, or Rapunzel’s courage have always resonated with people all over the world.” said Leslie Ferraro, Co-Chair Disney Consumer Products and Interactive Media, and President, Disney Consumer Products. “Toys play a key role in extending these stories and sparking kids’ imaginations, and this photo series celebrates the importance of play, creativity and great storytelling.”



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    I feel that either they will finally add Anna to the line up (wishful thinking, I’m surprised with all the Frozen success it hasn’t been done since), or perhaps Leia (my star wars friends are hopingoing for this, but I am not holding my breath), but I feel most likely they will add Mona – the new Hawaiian/Pacific Island princess…. Or perhaps a brand new princess…..but I could be wrong all together. Just my 2 cents. 🙂

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      Sorry for the typos…

      *Star Wars
      ** hoping/going for this one

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    I missed it. Who is the new princess??

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