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Osborne Dancing Lights


  1. Cori

    Thank you Disney for the awesome experience of the Osborne lights!!!
    We got to experience it with my mother-in-law on the last trip we ever got to take together before she was killed in a car accident!
    She loved the lights and we are so thankful to Disney for that trip!!!
    I am so sad they are gone…I am truly crying right now!

  2. jody

    Me, too. 🙁

  3. Annie

    I never got the opportunity to see these in person, but in my personal opinion, something that has been there for years and seems to be a tradition shouldn’t be knocked out of the park (lol) because of a fad. I understand that Star Wars was a big deal when it came out, but it’s turned into a bigger think than it really is. When they had Star Wars come out when I was younger, it was all the rage and then it went away… At least the lights give EVERYone joy and not just those on the bandwagon….

    1. ZaXXoN

      I don’t think many of you appreciate how much $$$ Disney sank into buying Star Wars.
      $4 Billion………. Billion! These are Christmas lights. Go for a ride thru the neighborhood. Get some air! “Get the stink off your bones!”

    2. John

      I hope you understand that Star Wars is the most successfully intellectual property in the history of humanity. Star Wars is as much a fad as breathing is.

  4. denise

    Please tell me at a time when family, friends and traditions are most needed in this world, the Osborne lights brought that to all even more than ever, Disney plans on putting them some other location for 2016 DECEMBER, and years to come. Do they??? Please respond, I heard downtown disney or whatever the new name is???

  5. Laurie

    I’m so sad they are taking the lights away! This was one of our favorite attractions, and we always tried to go to Disney near Christmastime to see it. I wish they wouldn’t take away our old favorites to bring in the new (also missing Maelstrom!) The Christmas lights were really special and we will miss them….

  6. Deborah

    I’m heartbroken that they’re gone. I didn’t get to see them this year and they have been a favorite of mine at Christmas for a long time. I can only hope that they find a way to revive them somewhere else.

  7. Bryce

    I hate that Disney is removing this display as well. My family got to enjoy them in 2007 as a family, and then we lost my wife to cancer. This was one if not her favorite display at the parks.. As others have said I truly hope Disney finds somewhere to put the display and keep such an awesome family bonding event for people to experience time and time again.

  8. ZaXXoN

    I’m surprised it’s all in English!

  9. debbie webb

    I love Osborne Dancing lights! So sad! Dislike Star wars!!!!

  10. Pat

    I so sad they are doing away with this display it was always one of the main reasons we went during November, or December. I’m crying as well, because it held a very special place in my heart. ?

  11. Chris

    I saw it with my friends and my wife to be. It was her first time in 2015 too see it and she love it. I also went there on Jan 3 for my bday celebration in waltdisney world. Like they say memory never forgotten

  12. I’m so sad and disappointed that the Osborne Lights will no longer be displayed at Disney…brinning the whole family to Disney this Christmas…now our kids and grandkids will never see what we have enjoyed so much!
    Where will the lights be displayed…would like to plan our next vacation to that location…

  13. You guys really need to bring them back and announce it soon so we can plan to come.

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