Magical treats appear in Diagon Alley with the opening of Sugarplum’s Sweet Shop

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There’s always some kind of magic within the Wizarding World’s of Harry Potter at the Universal Orlando resort, but this time it’s a sweet spell of sugary delights that have made their presence known.

Located in the Carkitt Market area of Diagon Alley, and just in time for the Celebration of Harry Potter weekend,  you’ll find the newest addition; Sugarplum’s Sweet Shop. This newfangled candy shop has recently opened its doors to all muggles, half bloods and pure bloods alike. Found in the former location of Shutterbutton’s Photography Studio as seen below in a pre-makeover shot, courtesy of the official Universal Orlando Blog.

Now while Shutterbutton’s is still around, found just around the corner on the main street, this new retail stop is one that will have you falling head over wand for its offerings. To start, let’s just go in for the best thing since cold, frozen or hot butterbeer or even butterbeer flavored ice cream.. You can now indulge in some Butterbeer fudge! You read that right. If the liquid versions weren’t enough, you now have yet another choice when getting your BB fix.

So you have butterbeer fudge, but what else do they have? Chocolate cauldrons.. Pumpkin pasties.. Pumpkin cakes.. No melt ice cream? Absolutely, you can bet your patronus they do!

Once you step inside, you’re treated to a confectionary wonderland and the exterior theming is as expected; magical. Interior design is a little on the bland side, with heavily stocked shelves as the only true means of decor, but this is a candy shop first, so what they may lack on the inside is made up with the mind blowing deliciousness surrounding you at every angle.

If you plan on attending the weekend celebration, check the official schedule to see when you’ll be able to travel on to Sugarplum’s Sweet Shop. If it’s by way of the Knight Bus, with some floo powder, a vanishing cabinet or simply just by rail aboard the Hogwarts Express.. You’ll be glad you did.

The shop is open daily and follows general park hours for operation.

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