Armed man apprehended at Disneyland Paris

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Sleeping Beauty Castle & Main Street USA - Disneyland Parise

Various news outlets are reporting that a man armed with two handguns has been arrested at Disneyland Paris along with a woman accompanying him.

According to Reuters, the gunman, 28, was apprehended at a security checkpoint at the park’s New York Hotel. A bag containing two guns, including an automatic handgun, and a copy of the Koran set off a security alarm while going through a metal detector.

A spokesperson for Euro Disney had no immediate information of the incident at the time.

France currently remains in a state of emergency after terrorist attacks hit Paris last November. Disneyland Paris theme parks immediately were closed following the attacks. Major theme parks in Orlando and California, including Disney and Universal, soon installed metal detectors and increased security at the entrance to their parks.

in Disneyland Paris

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