Comments for Why “Inside Out” director Pete Docter should get nominated for Best Director at the Oscars

Inside Out

Credit: Pixar

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  1. EricJ

    This sounds like the “bits and pieces” attempts way back before Wall-E, Up, and TS3 finally got the “validation” to be considered for the Oscars.
    Before then, we used to get sneaky little attempts to get a foot in the door out of Best Animated one little teeny toe at a time, like asking “Could a voice actor be nominated for Best Actor?…Like, oh, say, Patton Oswalt for Ratatouille?” (Think you can guess it wasn’t Oswalt they were campaigning for.)

    Regardless of voting rules, Inside Out’s become this year’s unstoppably sainted picture that critics and audiences gush at the very mention of:
    “Director” nothing, we’re pushing for PICTURE and Director, and you know it’s got a lock as much as every other one of the voters does. What were you going to vote for Picture, the spy movie or the rap movie? 😉

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