Comments for Tour Guide Tuesday: How to make dining reservations at Universal Studios Orlando

Hard Rock Cafe


  1. Peggy

    I work at Citywalk and this article is very false about many restaurants. Most of Citywalk is new restaurants that opened within the last year. For this reason to make it fair to everyone most restaurants at Universal Orlando does not accept reservations at all. We only have three that are not owned by Universal and they do not accept reservations either. Please correct this article accordingly so Guest’s do not have false information.

    1. Dave Drumheller

      I’m sorry Peggy, but you are way off on this. You can make reservations at most of the restaurants at City Walk. There are just different ways to do it. Most can be done online or by phone. There are only a few table service (Cowfish and Bubba Gump) that don’t accept traditional reservations. However, even Cowfish allows you to join a waitlist using an app.

  2. Hi ! Dave Drumheller ….

    I’m pleased to read your guideline for reservation. Most of them are allowing phone call only. Mr. Peggy’s information is not 100% true at all.

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