Comments for Walt Disney World introduces new Annual Passholder program, prices for parking rise


  1. Tiffany

    These prices are ridiculous! We use to pay approx $1800 for 4 annual passes with no blackout dates (last year). Now those will cost closer to $2500 if we want no black out dates?! Wow!

  2. Shirley

    Gold shouldn’t have blackout dates…Silver does…gold is the regular Florida Annual Pass and silver was formally known as Seasonal Pass….I think Disney has just priced us out. Currently we have 7 seasonal passes…not sure we’ll renewal especially since no one seems to be posting renewal rates.

    1. Amy


  3. Joe Wright

    How does this effect me if I renew my annual pass?

  4. what I want to know is when they say it include Photopass does that mean you get your photos free when you buy a platinum pass. I usually pay 109 for the disk of all our photos and if this is included then it’s so worth it.

  5. rebecca

    i just purchased my silver passes 2 weeks ago , will i pay more monthly or will it stay the same ? and will i get the new perks that now come with the silver passes. they never clarified this ? I am so confused when they do these changes last minute…can someone help with this question?

  6. Dianna

    After the announcement today my husband and I have decided to take a break from Disney. We’ve been annual passholders since we moved to Florida 4 yrs ago. Time to check out other offerings Florida has to discover. At least we can get our Disney fix at Disney Springs aka Downtown Disney. I think this is a greedy move by Disney and they may find the annual passholder membership drop dramatically after this announcement.

  7. Kara

    So, when it comes to my renewal date are you going to offer a discount? I have a Annual pass now which has NO blackout dates and Parking and you can Park hop, have had it for years, with this new hike will be considering not to be able to renew!! I thought Disney was for all !! PLEASE consider all who love and want to continue to enjoy these passes……

    1. Christina

      From the email Disney sent me regarding our passes and these new changes:

      “Please remember, your current Pass has not changed and your existing benefits remain valid through your Pass’s expiration date. And because you’re an existing Passholder, when your Pass does expire, you will be able to purchase any of these new Pass options at a special Passholder renewal rate – of up to 15% savings†!
      †Savings based on non-discounted first-time purchase of a Pass. Expiring Pass required for renewal savings. ”

      So, if you’re renewing, the new perk (PhotoPass) doesn’t kick in until renewal. Also, You basically pay a little less than the price, as the renewal discount covers tax and a smidge more.

      If you think about it, for the Florida Resident Gold pass (similar to the current annual pass), If you go to the parks at least 2 days a month, then the pass pays for itself in parking alone. Another way to look at it: Park admission is about $100 per day, plus $20 parking. If you go on 5 separate days, that’s $600 for one person’s trips. I know the math is a little more complicated for more people. They do pay for themselves once you pass the threshold of per diem cost. To determine if it’s worth it, ask yourself how many days you would visit. For my daughter and I, this is all we get. We can’t afford much else in life, so the Disney passes (thank God for tax refunds!) are our “vacation”, mental break, mother-daughter time, and trip to the gym (5-7 miles is quite the workout for us) all wrapped in one.

      1. Christina

        Oops! I was mixing the Gold and the Platinum with price and benefits. ::blush::

        But, my basic premise stands: ask how many days you’re going and see if the math works out. When will the pass pay for itself for you and your family?

      2. Bill

        except the old annual pass for Florida residents already paid for parking. Not that it even matter since I would just stay at a disney hotel and not worry about parking anyway.

        Yes they are still cheaper then buying day passes but that is because the day passes have also increased price.

        Guess im just going to stick with Universal.

  8. Clayt Maurer

    I couldn’t be happier. :). We live in Michigan, so never consider annual passes. Glad to see they’re passing the costs onto those who can take advantage of it more. Lol

    1. Joe

      Yeah, but us out-of-staters just saw a $100/ticket increase. I was in the process of buying 5 season passes. So far I haver purchased mine and my wifes, each for $696 after tax. I have 3 to buy for our sons age 8, 5 and 4. Before the ticket price increase it was going to cost me $1950, now it’s gong to be $2400!!!!!!!! There is no reduced rate for 3-9 year olds now. Sucks.

    2. Carol

      Just wait…. your ticket price increase is this Sunday. Expect to pay more if you want to go at peak times. Effectively a “blackout” LOL!

    3. Debra

      “I couldn’t be happier. :). We live in Michigan, so never consider annual passes. Glad to see they’re passing the costs onto those who can take advantage of it more. Lol”
      ROFLMAO your too simple minded to be a real Northerner. Who is the one paying out the nose for Disney? Surely not us living in Florida. You have to pay over a $100.00 more AND the cost to travel here AND stay here. We just pay park price because WE live here and HAVE a home to go back to. So who got passed the costs now lol!

  9. Alice

    Just to clarify the Silver, Weekday, and Epcot After 4 does NOT include Photopass, per the Disney website (https://disneyworld.disney.go.com/florida-residents/passholder-program/). Only the Premium Plus, Premium, and Gold Passes include this. You will want to remove that part from what each pass includes as to not confuse people.

    1. Jeff Porter

      To bad Northerners!!! We live full time where you come on vacation. Enjoy your snow!

  10. Amy

    Walt Disney must be turning over in his grave. His dream of something that was for families has become unaffordable for a vast majority of us to enjoy more than once every few years, if that!

  11. Brenda

    Disney folks are insane! This is pure greed, pure and simple. The pass prices were already way over-priced. Not worth it! I had passes for a year but did not renew. They think way too much of themselves. We bought passes to other places instead. Get over yourself, Disney!

  12. Disney must consider all the added income from merchandise and food that count for something with annual pass purchases.
    Alot of places allow free entry just for this purpose-with money spent on ‘mouse attire’ they’ll make up the difference instead of raising the prices just for entry. Perhaps they’re trying to receive reimbursement from the slow economy in 2007 where members could not afford any type of get aways. Renovations are finally being conducted for updates, and now the record breaking films
    should be enough instead of gouging loyal customers since 1985!

  13. ER

    Photopass hold ZERO value to us. Never used it and never plan to use it in the future. But now I may have to pay for something we don’t use. Throwing in Photopass is just a marketing move to swerve you into thinking your getting some value add when in reality most people will not use Photopass to the fullest and Disney still gets your money. After 20 yrs of being an annual pass holder, we now have to re-evaluate our passes after this insane restructuring and price increase.

    1. Bill

      what’s worse is that photopass is completely useless since if you hand them your phone or your camera they will take a picture for you.

  14. Mary

    Disney only wants to cater to the RICH!!!!!!!!

    1. Brenda

      is this whole world like that ? if your not rich your nobody .. the rich keeps getting richer because they all work together and take away our rights to everything because they are in control

  15. Heather

    I think Disney has gotten out of control and money hungry. We have seen SO many price increases. I hate it but this year we will break our kids hearts and NOT renew our annual passes.

  16. Mary

    Disney Boardmembers should make a different price range for members who are grandfarthered pass holders. I’ve been a pass holder for many many years

  17. lesa

    Disney is supposed to be about families spending time together
    Walt would be turning over in his grave if he knew about all the
    price increases for pass holders which do spend money in the parks we
    should be rewarded for renewing not getting the screws put to them
    other parks give a discount for renewing not giving you the screws for renewing should be locked in for the price when you started being a pass holder

  18. Steve

    Disney raised prices because they wanted to make sure all Americans were screwed not just the 250 IT American workers they replaced with H1b Indian workers.

  19. Libby McIntyre

    You can’t be serious about being mad that Disney raised it’s prices can you REALLY??? I mean come on, it’s Disney! They can change prices anytime they want. I understand that it can be really disconcerting that you have to pay like a whole $100 more /person, but REALLY???? I mean, all I can say, is that I am right now a LOYAL DISNEY TRAVELLER, and I ALWAYS WILL! Disney may jack up their prices, but who else doesn’t. I mean, I go to Disney world for a reason, the customer service, the fun my family and I have, and purely because its what I enjoy on my vacation. I wish that vacations could be purely what you can spend on a vacation, not how much you have to spend to enjoy a vacation, but maybe instead of grumbling a complaining on here, you could send a comment/complaint on to Disney’s guest relations and maybe, just maybe you will be able to do something about it, rather then getting mad on here where I bet, they rarely visit! 😀 Have a good day peeps, I’ll be dreaming about my next vacation to Disney World where they will have 3 new lands being built, for our enjoyment!

    1. Rachael

      well said Libby! It does get frustrating with prices raising all over the place…not just Disney…but at the end of the day its a business and unless people actually voice their complaints to the company itself nothing will change…although nothing will still probably change but at least your voice might be heard.

    2. Bill

      yes YOU CAN be mad and you should as they not only raised the price but taken away the value. It used to be you got a lot of perks with a Annual pass but every year they take more and more away.

      Not to mention the bigger problem with the huge increase in price we have yet to see any real improvements to the park.

      Rides are still in desperate need of maintence and the only exapnsion we have gotten was the Fantasy land expansion which ended up removing a classic ride.

      “Disney may jack up their prices, but who else doesn’t”

      umm litearlly every other theme park in the world. No one else raises the prices as much as Disney and offers so little in return.

    3. Andrew

      Some people are not as well off as you must be. When we invest in Disney Passes as our largest entertainment purchase. It is a slap in the face to have to pay even more for it, and get less. Families have been loyal to Disney, but Disney doesn’t veiw them as, as valuable as the Tourists. It is a betrayal for some people. Not only are they making it more expensive, they basically black out every day kids are not in school. Just like everywhere else in Florida, they want to deter locals.
      As for the part about compaing on here. It builds a community of people that feel the same way. It creates awareness. When more people see that others feel the same way they do, they are more willing to do something about it. If I complain to Disney nobody else would know. We want more people to stand up, so posting here is just as good as complaining to guest relations.

  20. Alan

    I get the Annual Pass increase but the $50 increase for the “Tables of Wonderland” discount card? No thanks Disney.

  21. Alan

    Looks like we won’t be renewing our passes this time around. My group of six friends are all going to be taking a break this year on renewals. The thing WDW must be forgetting is everyone in FL knows someone that works at Disney. We can all be signed in. We can save the money and put up with the inconvenience of organizing cast member sign ins. Might be worth it again when they open all of the new areas. But we shouldn’t be paying for those attractions until they are there.

  22. Man

    so have the benefit or not?

  23. BA

    My family are seasonal passholders. We were waiting to renew since we have plans to go to Food & Wine Fest next weekend. Our annual renewal letter says we can renew at said rate until Oct. 13, 2015. Disney announced new rates 10/4/15. I am being told I have to “renew” with new passes, therefore our renewal rate is no longer valid. I think as an annual passholder, we should have been given notification of upcoming changes or that they should honor our renewal rate this year. This is so disappointing and doesn’t seem like the Disney way of treating their customers!

    1. Helen Scott

      This same thing happened to me. I swear I had a piece of mail or an email with the pre-Oct. 4 price on it. It turns out the emails are all web-based and now all have the same ‘save 15%’ message. I was going to renew last week, but then got caught up with a business trip overseas, so waited until I got back to the US on Oct. 5. Surprise to me! I thought it was illegal to advertise something at one price and then sell it at a higher price. I guess not. Now I have a big decision to make, I guess. Boo!

      1. Merilyn

        They’re telling us to go to the front gate and you’ll get that price.. well hello.. that’s a long trip that will cost more than the price difference. Not feeling the magic here.

    2. Merilyn

      This is my problem, Disney sent me a renewal card for $590.01 yet the website wants $670. I’ve been on the phone and currently fighting it waiting for them to call me back. If they won’t honor it, I won’t buy it. It’s poor business to tell you IN WRITING a guaranteed price then not honor it.

  24. Carol

    So Disney wants me to pay more while they provide less? In other words I should pay NOW for promised improvements at Studios and “Fantasyland” at Epcot etc…

    Harry Potter here I come. When Disney actually improves and offers something I want to see I will reconsider, but the lack of live entertainment, parks with no investment, parks half closed and other cutbacks have turned me off. (Sorry, Disney but I am not 8 and don’t care that you have put a made up country in Epcot… perhaps you should realize that 8 year old princesses don’t have JOBS? LOL!)

    1. Bill

      Right there with you, I am a long time DIsney Fanboy and I love the parks but my next trip to Orlando I won’t be going to Disney which is something i have never done.

      At least Universal is stepping up their game and providing for its customers.

      Keep this up Disney and you might be in big trouble.

  25. Sandy

    This article is poorly written. It is unclear which options are eligible for DVC members. It starts out by saying that only two passes are eligible for non-Florida residents, then under the section headed For Florida residents only, it mentions the Gold pass for Florida residents and DVC members. Some might read that as DVC members who only live in Florida. IN fact the Platinum Plus, Platinum and Gold passes are all DVC member eligible. Please refer to the DVC member website, specifically https://disneyvacationclub.disney.go.com/discounts-perks-offers/ticket-tour/walt-disney-world-pass/

  26. Romo Ruz

    I will pay any increase in price. I have been in all the parks in Central Florida and Disney is the ONLY place where I go on vacation and forget about work, worries and problems. Disney provides everything to make my vacation ideal; they provides food, entertainment, the best service, rides, shops and smiles all around in the cleanest place on Earth; but all this comes with a price tag. Give me Disney any day.

    1. maree

      Sharon & Romo, you are so right. You get what you pay for and if you dont want to pay..dont go, simple!! Will have more space for international guests…thank you!! Coming from Australia, apart from the airfares, we are paying AUD$1 for USD .70c. So our cost for tickets alone is 30% more than USA Residents. And that is today. Our $A could still fall further against the $US.
      Add to this accommodation & food.
      My 26yr old daughter LOVES everything Disney, so I am going with her this time in December. (Orlando & Anaheim!) I haven’t been to Anaheim in 32yrs, never to Orlando. She was only there last January, with my son & also in 2010. We dont mind keeping the US economy going. LOL You’re a long time dead….. take the opportunity now & dont complain people! So lucky to have DW & DL in your own backyard!

  27. JB

    I don’t believe rationalizing the cost is the issue with the increase. If you go allot the passes are cheaper then daily tickets. The problem I have is the ethical principle of continuous rate increases over the years. The one this year perpetuates the money grab and until the customers take a stand it will continue to increase. I compared 2008 passes to 2015 passes and found a 32-45% increase in costs. I then compared my family income tax gross pay only rose 0.18% (yes, less than 1%) over the same period. How does ANY company justify that kind of rate increase. Did Disney staff get sizable increases in pay, I highly doubt it. How does the company justify the increase and expect their customers to just pony up? This is an ethical problem I have with Disney and can take the only action that may get there attention is to not buy the product. That is the ONLY leverage we as consumers have to stop this non-sense.
    Sadly, I realized that allot of people who defaulted on loans back in 2008 are now able to get credit cards again as their 7 year credit rating forgiveness period has expired. I know the corporations know this to be true. There is money to be taken from the public if you seen the right product. Unfortunately, I personally cannot morally or financially keep up with Disneys unfounded rate increases. So I am doing the only thing I can, not buying the product! I hope enough will take the same action and we will see if corporate America will take notice.

  28. Mike

    Renewed on 10/2 my weekday seasonal pass (weekends to crowded) and got the notice 10/4. If I would have known I would have waited until the 5th to renew because I still won’t get free parking until I renew next year. Could have sent the notice out a little earlier. Go about 20 times a year which is a nice piece of change I could have saved.

    1. Merilyn

      They won’t honor the notice so it’s good you renewed when you did. Mine expires 11/19 in 6 more days and they won’t give it to me for the price on the card like they offered. They want the price on the website.

  29. Kim

    I want to thank all you who are rationalizing out the cost for helping my Disney stock to spring back from the bump in the road it hit back in September. Keep it up!

    Might I mention… bottled water in the parks is an absolute deal! You can’t find better tasting water anywhere… buy 2, 3, 4… hehe.

  30. WTF

    If you think about it. Disney should have pre-warned all their passholders to renew, at least a month ahead. This is a scam, considering everything will be under construction next year. Nothing new will be opened until the following year when they up the prices again. F Disney

    1. Merilyn

      It’s a scam that they won’t honor the price on the card they mailed out. I don’t mind paying the higher price but not if you already sent me a post card telling me my renewal price already. I couldn’t get away with that. I couldn’t tell you in writing that my product cost $590 but when you ask to buy it now it’s $680. That’s wrong

  31. Danny

    Sad day we have been passholders for approximately 17 years since we moved to Florida I have five kids and me and my wife. We always bring friends.stay at The resorts. We always spend a lot of money on souvenirs food entertainment. It’s getting to the point where we just can’t afford it. I understand business. I just hate that Disney is hurting the common person raising prices so high.

  32. Felis

    I have the Seasonal pass of Disney valid till Apr 2016 and Sea World till July 2016. Wanted to switch to Universal this year but after seeing the cost of Annual Pass rates with Express queues ( one is unlimited riding of the same ride and one with only a single ride either of which I have to pay everytime I visit the park if I need one)., I feel the cost of Disney passes for all 4 Parks including Fastpass+ is much less and Disney suits more for my turning-2 toddler!! And I was just feeling last weekend at Epcot World showcase that Disney is the King of entertainer of all ages! However, we have decided to explore other parts of Florida looking at all these price rises 🙁

  33. Brandon

    My wife and I have been annual Passholders for many years now. All of a sudden Disney comes out with this ridiculously overpriced packages. I wrote guest relations and they stated, “The new pass packages will include the photo pass and parking etx”.

  34. Brandon

    My last comment was sent by mistake as phone doing something screwy. Anyways, I wrote to guest relations, the gentlemen wrote back trying to make it sound like we were getting a better deal with the free photo pass and complimentary parking instead of blackout dates. We never use the photo pass we take our own pictures plus with our annual passes we currently have we have no black out dates, also have free parking. The prices are jacked up pushing out the low to middle class and catering to the rich. Disney is becoming Elitists. He said these new packages was helping with the budget. I asked if they polled annual Passholders to see what they thought or just had a meeting of the board and decided this would best for everyone, especially them. How can you use the photo pass if all your dates are blacked out. We come to Disney all the time for every vacation and are loyal customers. It seems Disney wants their customers to be loyal to them but they are not loyal to their customers. We’ve spent thousands at Disney over the last 15 years or so and then Disney does this to us. I know someone said the only way we can take a stand is not renewing our tickets, but that in and of itself will not work as others will step in and take our spot. But hopefully enough people don’t renew which will throw a monkey wrench in their packages increase. The Great mousekateer mishap. They know people will find the money somehow, somewhere to purchase tickets no matter how much they jack up the prices. We consider ourselves Disney addicts but now these Disney addicts are being forced into rehab not by their own decision but through Disney’s intervention program
    “Disney where dreams are destroyed by corporate greed”. Thanks Disney you made my dream come true, NOT!!!

  35. Lourdes

    What a shame. So sad that my growing family will not be able to enjoy the Walt Disney world experience. Things are so out of control. They are taking advantage of families and should be ashamed of themselves. WDW used to bring a smile to my face. Now, all I feel is dissapointment.

  36. Paup

    Was going to buy annual passes for Disney world
    But the latest increase is by far too much
    So looks like we won’t be going shame as we have been visiting Disney for over 28 years
    Also what’s up with the parking even if you buy a 14 day pass the parking should be included as its another $240 that Disney get just to park there greedy is a word that comes to mind

  37. Ann

    I do not blame all you folks for being upset with Disney pass prices. We used to be annual pass holders with Disney for years but Disney has gotten so greedy we had to let our passes go and go with Universal instead. You can buy two adult Universal annual passes for about what one will cost at Disney. We have not really missed Disney that much. And we have NO black out dates and also have free parking. Universal also has just as much for the small fry. The only thing is instead of the mouse they are themed Dr. Suess. I say let Disney brew in it’s own juices and go somewhere else. When Walt was alive his dream was to have a wonderland for the average family to go and play together. His dream has died. Only the rich or people who foolishly like to put themselves deeply in debt can afford to go. Our family now holds Universal annual passes and we are having just as much fun maybe even more without the greedy mouse picking our pocket.

  38. David M

    I am a middle class father of 6 and my wife and I (and the kids) love Disney. What I think is happening is just simply market forces. If the parks keep filling up at price X, and Disney raises the price by 20% and the park still fills, why woudnt they raise it again? It doesnt mean Disney is greedy, but I think it does mean they need more options for the middle class and poor to be able to experience Disney. By raising the actual park tickets, Disney is leaning solidly towards focusing only on the upper middle class and rich. And say what you want about capitalism, but Walt WOULD roll over in his grave at that thought. I think the best of both worlds can be achieved by having park tickets that the poor can afford, but having all the extras like food and souvenirs be the profit makers. This way a family of 8 like mine can still go to the park, but we might have to not have as much fancy food or stay at the Poly or whatever. But just raising the actual ticket prices puts a roadblock for the poor to even have a chance to go at all, even if they bring their own food and skip the souvenirs. Not cool Disney. As a side note, 2016 will be the first time my family will be saying off site (Disney offers NOT A SINGLE resort that is reasonably priced and has a suite that will fit 8) and also the first time we will be going to Universal in addition to Disney. Every year I feel poorer and poorer when I go to Disney, and I have to work harder and harder to have the same quality trip, as their prices increase WAY faster than wages and inflation. It is really becoming an upper class place, contrary to it’s founders ideals.

  39. william

    Me and my handicapped girlfriend have gone to Disney the last 17 years Stanley we see the price of Disney parking passes and annual passes going up where they’re out of the reach of middle and Lower Class People we usually go to Disney every Christmas to see the lights is beautiful that time of year this will be our last year we go I’ll go to Universal I’ll go somewhere else when Disney gets their head on straight and makes it affordable I will be happy to come back but at this time I will not renew my pass

  40. Ms K

    Sorry I believe the blackout dates are very disappointing. Especially around Christmas. The passholders (all levels) are probably the only ones that consistently come to the parks. In appreciation for that they should at least let them enjoy the month of Christmas! Please Disney reconsider December.

  41. James

    Some of your blackout dates for the passes are wrong ?

  42. Max

    so have the benefit or not?

  43. If I purchase a pass for a Christmas gift , does the year start this month or after first activation at parks ?

  44. When does the year start when purchasing a pass ? Day of purchase, or day of first use in parks ?

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