Comments for Disneyland increases prices and restructures Annual Passport program, Premium Passport eliminated


  1. Laura

    Deluxe pass reads: includes parking ….. then ‘add parking for $199’ I am sure that will be rewritten soon.

  2. Monica

    I went on the Disneyland website to check out the Deluxe pass and there is no option that I found where you can add on parking for an extra $199, am I missing something?

    1. Keola

      The only people that can add parking are the people who are renewing their passes and who already had the parking option on their passes. If it’s $199 to add parking wouldn’t it make more sense to just buy the signature pass?

  3. Patty Steward

    I am confused. Do those of us who have already renewed our pass have to pay extra.

  4. JiminyC

    Shame on you Disney! Enough already! I know your parks are crowded, I know you are beholden to shareholders, but enough is enough. Your prices go up every year–twice this year. That is not alright. You are forcing families to make big sacrifices or miss out on what is a very special, sentimental place to many. The price of your Deluxe annual passes has DOUBLED since 2008, your SoCal passes have DOUBLED since 2009. Shame. Your Single Day Park Hoppers are so expensive that families are frantic to squeeze in as much as possible and usually end the day failing to feel they got their money’s worth (easily $1k/day for some families!)—but they lie to themselves and say what a “Magical” day they had. Unfortunately for all of us, that magic is fading, the lies aren’t as convincing as they used to be, that impervious shell of sentimentality you have had for ½ a century is wearing thin. Your biggest defenders are being priced out of your parks.
    Now is the time to let your conscience be your guide and lower ticket prices, lower annual pass prices, lower the prices of your hotels, lower your blu-ray prices, your toy prices, lower concession prices, lower prices on your $30 t-shirts, lower prices across the board. Get the MagicBands going immediately, work harder to attract crowds to lower census days and to lower census areas of the park, stay open a little later to stretch out age concentrations, etc. Be more creative than driving up costs and becoming elitist. Every year I see fewer members of several societal groups represented in your parks. Not OK. Get back to cleaning every nook and cranny of your parks and demanding that your employees be the best—I’m tired of seeing dust and cobwebs and garbage stashes, I’m tired of rude and lazy employees (although these are not the norm, they should not exist in the numbers they do). All of the preceding is my opinion. Yes, I’ve been around for a long time but when I don my top hat and grab my little umbrella you have to stop and take heed or you will all end up sprouting donkey tails and ears. -JiminyC

  5. Mike

    Does weekday annual pass now include parking ?

  6. Sheila

    If we already have a premium pass, does it work the same until the expiration date?

  7. Jo

    price rises are a fact of life & people seem to be happy to complain but how about taking into consideration the increase in expense of running a park such as these? How can they make a profit and keep upgrading the parks & adding new attractions without keeping their ticket prices in line with fiscal increases.
    Any trip to Disney is to majority a lifetime dream & aspiration & the cost is factored into that. International travelers pay WAY MORE than residents or interstate travelers but I haven’t seen or heard ANY international people complaining.
    Lowering prices is the shameful suggestion.

  8. maree

    Jo, you are so right. And coming from Australia, apart from the airfares, we are paying AUD$1 for USD .70c. So our cost for tickets alone is 30% more than USA Residents. And that is today. Our $A could still fall further against the $US.
    Add to this accommodation & food.
    My 26yr old daughter LOVES everything Disney, so I am going with her this time in December. (Orlando & Anaheim!) I haven’t been to Anaheim in 32yrs, never to Orlando. She was only there last January, with my son & also in 2010. We dont mind keeping the US economy going. LOL You’re a long time dead….. take the opportunity now & dont complain people! So lucky to have DW & DL in your own backyard!

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