Comments for Tour Guide Tuesday: Meet 10 Characters in 90 Minutes and the Magic Kingdom!


  1. Rebecca

    What about Princess Tiana?? She’s in Liberty Square ?

    1. Dave - WDW Guided Tours

      Rebecca…..You could absolutely see Tiana! I just gave an overall example of how you can see a bunch of characters in as short period of time. I mostly included meet and greets with more than one character. Thanks for reading!


      1. Andrew

        Is ‘Enchanted Tales with Belle’ the only way to meet Belle?

  2. Dave - WDW Guided Tours


    It is the only way in the Magic Kingdom. However, you could also meet her at Epcot, near the France pavilion. Thanks for reading!


  3. Ashley

    Thanks Dave! We actually follow a very similar plan when we go so I can vouch that your times are all spot on! I actually had never considered Storybook Circus early so we usually are settling for one side. Definitely will do it this time based on the waits you describe!

    1. Dave

      Thanks for reading Ashley!


  4. Lynn

    The best is seeing the beautiful & hilarious stepsisters, Drisilla, Anastasha and Lady Tramaine. That’s 3 at the same time!!!!!!!!! And if your lucky and time it right The Fairygodmother make her appearance at the exact same place. And now you just knocked out 4 in less then 30min!!!!

    1. Dave

      All good points Lynn! Thanks for reading!


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