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  1. Miriam

    I took full advantage of the “free ice water” perk during my WDW trip last week. I brought a water bottle and emptied the water into it and added a few Dasani drops (pink lemonade) to make it much more tasty. I think it also helped cut down on the Orlando water aftertaste. I did purchase a frozen lemonade at Columbia Harbor House, but the free water helped keep my drink budget way, way down overall.

  2. Amanda Schmitt

    I’m sorry if this seems like a silly question… but how exactly do you ask for it? I’m not american and I’m always afraid of looking impolite or embarrassing myself for asking something for free. Should I always ask for it along with something else that I’m paying for? Thanks for the post!

    1. Dave Drumheller


      Thats not a silly question at all. You just have to ask for “ice water.” You don’t have to mention the word “free” as it is implied. If you ask for “bottled water,” then you will pay. Thanks for reading!


  3. CML

    We would get a free cup of ice water and add a sugar free cool aid single pouch to it for my son and use the straw to mix it up. Saved a ton of money which was just spent at other places in the park. For ourselves, we would each bring a 20 oz bottle of whatever we wanted to drink and when thirsty, get a cup of ice and pour over. Put the lid back on the bottle and repeat when thirsty again

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