Say goodbye to Duffy: The Disney Bear and hello to Daisy Duck at Walt Disney World

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Duffy, the Disney bear was transplant to Epcot at Walt Disney World from the Tokyo Disney Parks, where he had been a popular character for a long time. The trusted friend of Mickey Mouse, Duffy was a world traveler and a character that Disney had hoped would inspire lots of merchandise purchases. Unfortunately the Duffy trend never really caught on as well in the US Disney Parks, even though he faithfully switched outfits for every season. Introduced as a meet and greet character at Epcot in 2010 the cuddly bear is now making his final appearance on Oct 3, 2015, Walt Disney World officials have confirmed.

Duffy will be replaced by Daisy Duck in the same World Showcase meet and greet area on Oct 4.

Duffy merchandise will continue in Disney Parks stores.



  1. Sandy Fondale

    It makes me sad to see Duffy go……I have had my Duffy since he first came out…he’s the BIG one…I collect bears and was thrilled to get him….Good-Bye Duffy….The disney kids will miss you.

  2. Raymond Mulitalo

    I am not too disappointed in the loss of Duffy at WDW. Our kids never wanted pictures with him, and he just doesn’t have the Disney look about him. He feels like a character you’d find at a toy store or a Walmart promoting off-the-shelf teddy bears or fabric softener. Daisy is a much better fit.

  3. Crystal Brown

    I love Duffy Bear and am so sorry to see him go from Epcot. I had my picture taken with him at Epcot several years ago as well as my adult family did also. I have two duffys bear dolls that were gifted to me by my family! They are so cute and I look at Duffy bear’s picture everyday. I know Duffy is a character but I have good memories of meeting and having my picture taken with Duffy! So sorry Duffy that you are being replaced by a duck. Duffy we will always remember you!

  4. Linda Pomerantz

    I have had my “Duffy” bear since before he had a name!

  5. Stefanie

    I think Duffy should just be moved some where else no goodby

    1. Stephanie

      I agree

  6. Jamie

    My kiddos love Duffy & always look forward to having their photo taken with him. They love Daisy too, but miss Duffy. I wish they moved his location. ?

  7. Pat

    We were planning a trip to Epcot and seeing Duffy had been on our must do list. Trip wound up getting postponed. I hope he comes back somewhere in the states

  8. Alicia

    We were sad to see Duffy leave EPCOT too. My daughter is a huge fan. I am looking to buy the Duffy rain poncho that is pictured above. If anyone knows were I can find one, please let me know. It is no longer sold in the parks. I have been watching eBay for a year without luck and it is all my daughter wants for her Duffy collection. Let me know if anyone has any leads!

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