New Jungle Cruise Sunrise Safari breakfast experience coming to Disneyland, gives you a chance to try out the life of a Jungle Cruise Skipper

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Who hasn’t wanted to try out the life of a Jungle Cruise Skipper? If you are one of those guests who knows each word of the Jungle Cruise Spiel, this experience is for you.

Becoming a Jungle Cruise skipper is no easy task. It takes years of training and practice—or at least a boat and a megaphone. In the interest of grooming newest batch of recruits—totally unrelated to rumors of skippers joining the local tribe of headhunters—we invite you to our Sunrise Safari Breakfast Adventure.

This new experience at Disneyland Park will give you an adventurous breakfast and a chance to try out the life of a Jungle Cruise Skipper.

As your journey begins, you’ll meet your safari guide and make your way into the African savannah. There you’ll dine on a wild assortment of unique breakfast favorites inspired by the jungle diet of the rare “brunching tiger,” including fresh pastries and scones, exotic fruit & chia parfaits, glazed pork belly bacon, pan-seared sausage and roasted gold potato & onion hash along with an assortment of juices, freshly brewed coffee and specialty teas.

After your feast is finished, your guide will escort you back to civilization in time for crash course in Jungle Skipper training before getting behind the wheel of your own boat to recite that famous spiel.

Upon your Initiation into the elite “Fraternal League of Secret Skippers,” you’ll receive an exclusive keepsake—a tribal mask inspired by original concept art for the Jungle Cruise attraction..

The Jungle Cruise Sunrise Safari Breakfast experience will take place on select dates from September 21 to December 2, 2015 and limited reservations are available so make sure to call today!

Price for this experience will be $300 and you can make your reservations HERE

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