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  1. Joel Appenzeller

    BOOOOOOOOOOO! I cannot say it loud enough. What an idiotic decision. This announcement better be followed by another saying they are replacing it with something similar.

    1. Brooke

      Totally agree with Joel! Not such a bright idea in doing away with something people love at Christmas!

  2. Jason

    I have to echo the previous comments. The lights are a favorite for my family and are one of the things I really look forward to during Christmas. I hope Disney comes up with something just as awesome to replace it.

  3. Carolyn

    Agree with all above! We planned a family vacation at Christmas just to see the lights! It rained last Christmas but we all walked around and looked for hidden Mickeys. Having the light show was like having part of the holidays with you . Characters wearing Santa hats are nice, but the lights and sounds made it Christmas!

  4. Joy

    We make the trip every year from the Pacific Northwest SPECIFICALLY because of the Osborne lights!! Couldn’t they move it to… I don’t know… the Disney Springs shopping area or an area in EPCOT Future World or something??
    If this really is stopped, so will our trips down there.

  5. Mary

    I would think an attempt could be made to relocate this beloved seasonal attraction.

  6. alice

    Wow it’s getting to the point were going to Hollywood studios isn’t worth going to sure hope they make changes to this park that will make me want to go again at this point I’m going to MK and Epcot so sad

  7. Tammy

    Why would you do away with the Christmas lights???? This is just crazy!!! This is the best street to visit during Christmas and New Years. Disney should put forth the effort to make it work!!!!!!

  8. Dan L

    I really, REALLY think that these need to be relocated, perhaps Disney Springs, Main Street USA, or someplace like that. Heck, even world showcase would be fine. Is there a website or place to start a petition or email to Disney to possibly get this reversed?

  9. Bob

    But people are missing this part: “With the recently announced plans of a new Star Wars and Toy Story expansion to Disney’s Hollywood Studios this will be the final year…”.

    The decision is tied directly to the expansion and construction plans that are going to take place for a quite a few years. Can’t display the lights if there either isn’t a place to hang them anymore, or if everything is torn up and fenced off…

    1. Gabe

      “Mulch, Sweat, and Shears” is on the way out, too. The Streets are either getting razed (which… would free up a lot of frankly dead space) or closed off completely during the expansions. What are the death watch odds on Honey, I Shrunk the Kids, Pizza Planet, and Mama Melrose’s?

  10. Katia

    We go several times a year for this event! It is always packed we went on the last night thinking people would be over it and the lines were all the way to the front gate!! I am getting sick of this Star Wars crap!!! They should have opened a park for it if it was so important!!

  11. Young family

    This spectacular event is one of the reasons we are returning to Disney at this time of the year .
    I have always wanted to see them and we have been coming to Disney at different times of the year since 1986 usually for our summer holidays as we are coming from the UK. We are all looking forward to this trip and glad we will be there to see the last showing:)

  12. Mary

    how sad!!!
    This display is incredible and to think of the many future generations of people who will not enjoy it! What is wrong with Disney!! Seriously ???!!!

  13. This makes me very sad. We’ve always enjoyed the lights when we were at WDW. Couldn’t they find somewhere else to put them, there’s 3 other parks.

  14. JOE

    Its not about the people anymore. Its all about how much more money they can make

  15. Mike

    Regarding the headline, where is this “Walt Disney Word?” Is it something I would find in a standard dictionary?

  16. Karon

    I agree with the first several comments. Many people young to seniors come at this time of the year for this reason. We have visited Disney for this decision. We were there when Bob Hope turned the lights on in this display. Disney put some of your money in updating your camping cabins as they are getting to be rather shaby. Look at the ages of the families. Many young children are not interested in starwars. Money is in young families and Epcot techy is preteens and teenagers. SAVE THE DANCING LIGHTS!!

  17. Robin Row

    I have never been so disappointed. One of the most wonderful memories/sites my family was fortunate enough to experience. Yet they continue to keep rides like the Michael Jackson thing from the 80’s over at Magic Kingdom. Seems like the things that are really “tired” they continue to keep. Please, please, please find another area of the park to do something like this. So bummed.

  18. Sue Millichip

    I agree with everyone else! Always the highlight of our holiday! We come in November because of the Christmas theme!

  19. Angela

    My family saw it for the first time this past Christmas, and it was the coolest light show I have ever seen! We saw it the last day it was up and I wished I could have seen it more since I won’t be there this next Christmas. I really hope they find somewhere to put it! It was such a unique and awesome experience! This is really sad news!!!

  20. Tami Herman

    I can not believe this! We go in November for the same reason!!!! They could have found another place for it! They still can. DISNEY is the BEST place to be around the HOlIDAYS!!!!! COME ON DISNEY!!!!!!!

  21. Gabe

    I’ll second Bob’s comment: it’s very likely a simple decision of feasibility during the (much-needed) two-pronged expansion that will be eating up space on both sides of the Streets of America. Disney probably loves the lights as much as you do, and they’re well aware of the financial bump they experience at the Studios during the holidays because of them (and for a limited year-to-year re-investment). But the lights, as wonderful as they are, are a two-month wonder – the new lands are an investment that will pay off every day of the year.

  22. pam

    This is just heart is breaking.i love these lights and really wanted my grandchildren to experience them

  23. Lori

    Why can’t they bring this back and place it on the star wars streets and buldings if this is the area to be used. Why the need to take it away forever, or at least still decorate dhs for christmas, hope that is not going away for good too, and make it an all lighted park, an expansion of the osbourne lights… so sad. Hope Mike and Sully and Santa Goofy can still meet.

    1. Lori

      Also not sure what will happen to the other stuff taking place in the areas to be made into pixar and star wars… and the remaining chracters and muppets.

  24. Lori


  25. Con

    That is what makes Christmas Christmas in sunny ,warm FL. PLEASE keep the lights PLEASE…….

  26. Ron

    We are very sad to hear of Disney removing the lights we have been Disney customer for years.Our whole family will be there all together for the lights, 15 of us are very sadden n we are pass holders suggestion move the light to Epcot n please them around the lake think of what s experience that would be to look around the lake n see all the lights one word awesome only Disney can pull this off

  27. Charles L. Jackson

    Take the Happiest Place on the planet then take the happiest holiday of the year then take one of the most beautiful sights and sounds of that combinations and add in the millions of people that travel from all over that planet and spend their hard earned money to see that display. Now take a room where a group of very highly paid and I might add very intelligent men and women are making decisions to expand the Theme Park. Keep in mind they have enough land to start their own county, one of this group say’s lets take one of our most loved and successful attractions and close it down forever and turn it into Toy Story and Star Wars attraction. I can see enlarging Star Wars because of its potential but Toy Story. Why not Bambi or some earlier theme? I think if Walt is looking on he would vote to fire that individual and be very disappointed at the cattle voting to follow him or her. Having been a Super Fan since the beginning and never missed a yearly visit and most years several visits this decision ranks at the dumbest of all times. Why don’t you shoot for removing the Castle next year and Planet Earth the following year. Think of the possibilities!

  28. Rebecca Pas

    I second the Boo. The Osbourne Spectacle of Lights is one of our favorite parts of visitng during the Holiday Season. I really feel it is in their best interest to find some way to still display them somewhere on the Disney properties! They are so magical!

  29. Loretta

    The lights were the best way to usher in the Christmas season. While I love the idea of something different coming our way, I didn’t want it at the expense of something so spectacular. I hope they put the lights to good use somewhere else, and please don’t take away the Nativity.

  30. Susan

    I am in shock! What can Disney be thinking by taking away the best celebration of Christmas. Once again they are putting money before the pleasure of the guests. I wish there was something we could do to stop it.

  31. Rae Haigh

    First the Back Lot Street then the Tour now the Lights, why don’t they just close the Park there’s not much left!

  32. This is ridiculous! What will me next- banishing Mickey and Minnie? The decision makers at Disney World need to a trip through history and look at what has made them the best – something for everyone. Also what’s the need in coming multiple times a year when it is just the same attractions. People come in December just to see the lights! Wow what a mistake!

  33. Catherine

    We travel from Ireland every Xmas to see the lights . Please try and keep them somewhere.

  34. Beth

    I absolutely love this and am very sorry to see it go. I, too, hope that an attempt will be made to relocate this. It was the most impressive sight I have seen in a long time! I am very thankful I have a trip already planned for this year.

  35. Francois

    Well, when I go to Disney World, I want to see Mickey and his friends, characters from the movies I grew up with and some magic like the Osbournes Dancing Lights. Not some creepy creature from Avatar or Darth Vader and his ugly companions. So yes, I wonder what is happening to Disney World, everything we love is now replaced. If they want to create a Star Wars Land and an Avatar land, just create a new site, in that way, there’s will be reasons to come more often, without losing the attractions that creates wonderful memories to us. I’m starting to fear my next visit at Disney World, as all my favorites attractions will be cancelled….

  36. DeeDee

    Anyone here know when the last day to see them is?
    I’ve been planning a trip all the way from Israel and the one thing I truly wanted to see again is this.
    But I don’t know if I’ll be able to make it in time 🙁

  37. Jim

    Sad ! Hope they make an equivalent somewhere in one of the parks! Attendance will most definitely fall off resulting in a deserved large financial loss for the company.

  38. Colleen

    I had the pleasure of enjoying the Osborne family lights display this past Friday night 12/11/2015 for the first time. It was a spectacular that I will never forget. I just wrote an email to
    stating my sadness to hear they are going to close the Osborne family lights, it is a travesty. As I stood with thousands of people enjoying this incredible display of Christmas joy, I could not imagine who would even think of making this executive decision. The music, the excitement of the dancing lights, the plain awesomeness of what it took to put this display on, the disbelief on people’s faces to experience the incredible beauty. I bet if Walt Disney himself were here, closing the Osborne family lights would never been considered.
    Disney has a lot of land, they could make a Star Wars exhibit somewhere else on the property.
    Also, Disney should consider keeping the Osborne family lights display all year long, not just at the holiday time. It is a sensational event and I bet it would draw the same crowds year round.
    Please save the Osborne family lights, thank you!

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