ABC Family "13 Nights of Halloween" schedule features lots of Hocus Pocus, Nightmare Before Christmas and Toy Story of TERROR - Inside the Magic

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  1. Niki

    I think your dates are off. October 19, 2015 is a Monday and so forth….

    1. What’s your point? The article doesn’t mention days of the week that I see. 13 days of Halloween always starts on the 19th regardless of what day of the week it is because it ends with Halloween day.

  2. josh yoli

    Can you please stop rambling on about complete nonsense? Are you 5? Like seriously that really didn’t need a book. The poltergeist movies are not even rated R in the first place. The 1st one is rated PG and the rest of them are PG-13 so they are really showing family friendly stuff. Poltergiest is really not bad anyway. Me, my siblings and my friends all grew up on far worse movies like Halloween, Texas Chainsaw, Evil Dead, House Of A 1000 Corpses and we all turned out fine. Movies don’t cause problems. The problems were already there to begin with. Like Stu from Scream says “Movies don’t cause psycho killers, they make them more creative!”. Anyways the one or 2 movies I see on here that are rated R (which you failed to mention) are Sleepy Hollow and the teen slasher I Know What You Did Last Summer series and they don’t even come on until midnight when the kids are fast asleep in bed. As you said it’s ABC FAMILY so there’s a little bit of everything for the WHOLE family. Kid-friendly films in the earlier hours and adult stuff later on. It’s like the kids network Nickelodeon. They have a couple hours of Friends every night that come on around 10 and Adult Swim that comes on late. It’s REALLY not a big deal as you make it.. Try to relax and live a little my friend. Lol

    1. EricF

      Make sense, kid/family programs and movies shows earlier and adult-only programs and movies shows late, just like Nickelodeon. Got that and sorry about that.

      BTW: I forgot to put the word “not” on my paragraph like “I know the fact that kids under 17 years old are NOT suppose to watch those movies that are R-rated”. I hope you’ve already understand what I meant. Sometimes I make mistakes on grammars.

      1. My name “EricF” is known as “Benjamin”, just I wanna let you know.

  3. Josh

    Sorry if you take offence. It wasn’t my intention. It’s just you started ranting on about something that’s really not a big deal.

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