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    I understand the need for newer attractions…but I love seeing the historic Walt Disney stuff! The Backlot Tour was one of my favorites, and One Man’s Dream was my husband’s. It always gave both of us chills to see the actual desk that Walt sat at, creating the empire we know now. I will enjoy the new attractions, but will always miss the historic artifacts and stories.

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    I have to agree, Amanda! It’s a shame to take away the history that went behind this awesome theme park. I always love visiting One Man’s Dream to hear about how it all started. It’s always great to have an attraction dedicated to the man (and mouse, hehe) that started it all.

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      The attraction isnt 100% correct though. The story of the creation of Mickey Mouse is a lie. Walt didnt create Mickey on a train ride back from New York to LA. And Lillian didnt come up with the name Mickey instead of Mortimer. Walt NEVER drew Mickey. The guy who created Mickey Mouse was a man named UB Iwerks.

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    I remember the old Walt Disney Story on Main Street in 70’s WDW (where the Tink and Mickey meets in the Exhibition Hall are now), and that was why I liked One Man’s Dream–Which, to be honest, was built for the Walt’s 100th promotion years ago.
    But think Walt’s office is kept at “home” at the west coast Disneyland’s Walt Disney Story, so hopefully that’ll still be around, closer to where the real thing happened.

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    Oh no! I knew this was coming, but I can’t believe they took it out like that! I wish they would move it somewhere else on property. This attraction has been a favorite. I’m heading there this weekend to take a few last pictures of it.

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    I am very excited about the new additions, but hate to see One Man’s Dream going away. We make a point to visit every trip…it never seems to get old to us. I hope that the Walt Disney Company can find a way to mesh the new and the old.

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    Please Walt Disney world don’t take away the main man from Florida I’m hoping there’s going to be something big dedicated to the man himself there’s got to be you can’t have Walt Disney world with out Walt Disney??

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    Slowly but surely corporate is getting rid of the original legacy. It conflicts too much with the greed now. You will see all of the old craft gone and more schlock put in. Its all about getting them in the doors.
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