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  1. Cora

    Please don’t do this. This is in no way shape or form helpful.

    You’re just taking a locker away from those who NEED to use the locker because they don’t have the option of taking their items on the roller coaster with them. I was at Hulk about a week ago and all of their lockers were full so we had to wait. If people are using their lockers because they don’t want to pay a few bucks or take their items on the Jurassic Park ride (I do) Then that’s their own problem. Leave it with a non-rider if you don’t want water to get on them and don’t want to pay.

    But don’t take away free lockers from those who actually need to use them!

    1. Dave - WDW Guided Tours


      It is very rare that all of the lockers are full. Just wait a few minutes, and you will see dozens of guests returning to get their stuff. I agree that it is always best to leave stuff with non-riders, but if everyone in your group is riding, I highly recommend this strategy!

      Thanks for reading!

      1. Cora

        Times that by however many people get the bright idea to do this because of this article. If more and more people are storing items in free lockers that don’t need to be storing items in free lockers it just takes it away from the people who need to use them. There’s a limited supply of lockers and they are meant for riders not people cheating the system to go off and ride some other ride in a different area.

        It’s really very selfish and I hope this article gets removed.

        1. Dave - WDW Guided Tours

          I understand your point Cora, and I think that Universal can alleviate the issue by providing more free lockers and not charging for water ride lockers. If they only wanted you to use the lockers for one ride, I don’t think they would give you an extra hour on the time. I certainly didn’t mean for this to be looked at as selfish or cheating. I am at the parks all of the time, and have never seen a lack of available lockers. Again, I appreciate you taking the time to read and comment!

          1. Matt

            Was at the park this week and on 4 separate occasions (at Dragon Challenge and MiB) my party was unable to ride together because no lockers were available. And today there were very few people in the park. This is just bad management by Universal and postings such as this do not help matters!

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  5. philip

    heres a tip on the water rides if you dont want items wet for items like cell phones wallets and cash and park tickets or annual passes use a zip lock bag you can find them in your kitchen that keeps the phone dry for muck bigger items use a water proof bag and plus the popeye ride has a water proof storage when on the ride in the center of the boat so you dont waste a locker or waste money on a locker

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