Comments for Third annual Harry Potter Celebration event announced at Universal Orlando for 2016


  1. Lisa

    I’m a Florida resident with a year pass to universal studios. I went to the previous events and had a blast. I will be going again. I❤️ You Ron Weasley forever. “Weasley IS my king”.

    1. James

      Does EVERYONE besides me think that this ride is REALLY that great? Because I went on it, even though I promised myself I wouldn’t help Universal milk it. Nowhere near as good as what it replaced. Personally, I feel that Harry Potter shouldn’t be in Universal. It’s pretty much a parasite. The park would probably be better off in the long run with out it. Because, just like Frozen and Skrillex, in 3 years no one will even care. They’ve pretty much run out of milking material, unless they replace Jurassic Park with something equally or more horrifying. And then take out Et and replace it with the Smurfs. Then I’ll call up Cave Johnson for some Combustible Lemons.

      1. no

        Do you understand Harry Potter has been ridiculously popular since the 90s? That’s a little bit longer than 3 years.

        1. James

          Okay. Not as bad as some of the other ones. Yeah, I realize it’s been popular for a while, but didn’t they just adapt the last book info film? A lot of the fanbase probably doesn’t realize it, but (whispers) there’s nothing left at the moment. But I want to thank you for not trying to kill me. Oh, one more thing. I will say is been really popular, but not RIDICULOUSLY. Then again, that’s just me.

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