Comments for New Jungle Cruise themed restaurant, Skipper Canteen, to open at Walt Disney World


  1. EricJ

    By the architecture, I’m guessing it’s one of those unused buildings in Adventureland near the front (and near the Cruise), like the one where Tinkerbell was appearing for a while.

  2. Jon

    Do hear hints of an “Adventuresrs Club” 2.0? I HOPE SO!!!’ Kungaloosh!!!!

  3. Kevin

    Will they have chicken on the menu or just things that taste like chicken?

  4. Daniel

    I believe it looks like that old restaurant when you pass the Crystal Palace on the left and cross over that bridge as that restaurant is on the right before you get to Swiss Family Robinson treehouse.

    It did serve Chinese food once, but then closed down. Always liked that one, with the patio overhanging the little river below.

  5. Marilou

    I recognize the spot in that picture……. that’s the lil gazebo where my family sits to enjoy our Dole Whips!

    I wonder if this will be table or counter service????

    1. Marilou

      I can’t believe it’s the first time I’ve seen another person with the same spelling of your first name as mine – & a fellow Disney fan as well!

  6. Cathy

    This is the former Adventureland Veranda restaurant site. It shares a kitchen with the Liberty Tree Tavern, which is closed for refurbishment until November.

  7. Trish

    So is this going to be counter or table service?
    Magic Kingdom desperatly needs more table service!

    1. Ell

      Counter by day, Table by night…same as BOG

  8. Gil

    Put this in Disneyland in place of aladins oasis formerly Tahitian terrace

    1. Scott

      ^ Agree this would be great at Disneyland in place of Aladdin

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