Comments for Incredible Hulk coaster to receive major overhaul with high-tech upgrades at Universal Orlando


  1. Buckly

    The big question: will it still be themed to The Incredible Hulk?

    1. BobHarlem


    2. Eric

      I doubt it.

  2. Monty

    The other big question: will I still need to go through TSA’s enhanced screening protocol before I can ride?

  3. Mau

    New vehicles? Does it mean they’ll make it floorless?

  4. EricF

    I thought that coaster would replace and rethemed into something else. How long they gonna keep the rights of Marvel for thier park? Disney bought Marvel. So they can’t keep it forever. I would love if they should close Marvel section down forever so Marvel will move to Disney World. I don’t like that Universal decided to keep Marvel after Disney bought the company because its wrong and Disney already have their theme park division which is competitive to Universal’s theme park division. And that’s why Universal can’t use Disney stuff to their parks worldwide and none of the companies has thier own parks but Disney and Universal. Don’t you get that?

    After 2009, I will never go to those Marvel attractions ever again if I go to Universal Orlando. However I would be very accepted to go to that Marvel section and as well of those Marvel themed attractions if Disney could close down thier theme park division so the Disney characters could move to Universal parks and that would be really cool and awesome than they were at Disney’s own parks if that happens, but of course that will never EVER happen at all since Disney’s parks are popular and their attractions that are also popular especially attractions based on Disney films.

    1. EricF

      Or maybe Walt Disney World would be fully shut down so Disney-themed attractions would be focused for Universal Orlando only, but that won’t happen either unfortunately.

  5. Guillermo

    Someone knows in which exact date is going to reopen?

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