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  1. Virginia

    Thanks for this info! We are east coasters visiting Disneyland for the first time coming up in October! We love all things WDW and know it with our eyes closed. We look forward to exploring the differences!

  2. How exciting! It’s a fun through-the-looking-glass feeling. 🙂 Enjoy it!

  3. Ptpgrad

    Don’t forget the Indiana Jones ride…or were you going to get to that when you compare it with Animal Kingdom?

    1. EricJ

      Apart from Walt nostalgia, the two big reasons for making the East->West trip used to be the preserved Mr. Toad, the “original” unspoiled Tiki Birds (back when they were still Under New Management out east), and the Indy ride, which they say may be replacing the stunt show in the new Studios 3.0.

      With two out of three alibis now gone, DLR can be appreciated for what it is–Bigger, older and more Walt-original. 🙂
      Yes, even Autopia, Matterhorn and the rehabbed Alice ride included, and especially Pirates/Blue Bayou and the Mansion.

  4. yes, coming soon! eventually we’ll do a grand circle tour around all four wdw parks. good eye!

  5. I went to Disneyland when I was a young girl , I wish it did not cost so much to visit for a few days, my kids would love it!

  6. EricJ

    The biggest East->West change is having to deal with resorts:
    WDW folk are used to staying only at Disney hotels in the middle of the wilderness, while DLR is landlocked in the middle of a downtown city, and only has three hotels which would all be Deluxe by WDW standards.
    If you can afford Disneyland Hotel or Grand Californian, do it, but for most fans, going DLR means sampling the Anaheim equivalent of I-Drive hotels, which has a more old-school feel to it–If you can do Hotel Plaza Blvd. in Orlando, you can do Anaheim.

    1. And because of the proximity of the outside world, there is also a drop in prices. Because Disney has to compete with food options just outside the resort, they have to charge less than WDW does. There’s still an upsell, but it doesn’t carry the same sticker shock as the East Coast.

  7. I wish I could be as supportive of Disney as the rest of you. After reading articles like these though, I can’t quite look at Disney the same way. I wish they would treat their workers better:

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