Comments for D23 Expo 2015: “Frozen Ever After” area coming to Walt Disney World, expanding Norway pavilion with even more “Frozen”


  1. Kyle

    So this went from a Norway pavilion to a Frozen pavilion? Why?

    1. Buckly

      1.2 billion dollar worldwide gross

    2. Demon

      Epcot was the last safe haven from that effing Frozen and now they intend to ruin what was an enjoyable day without having to deal with that garbage.

      1. Tasha

        First of all, Demon, Frozen isn’t garbage. It’s huge. Get over it. Second of all, AK doesn’t have Frozen stuff going on either. Deal with it.

        1. James

          First of all, Tanya, it is garbage. It’s only big because people like you who will defend anything that will destroy any parks dignity because of….reasons? That I can’t even figure out. And no. You guys need to stop milking this stuff. And before you know it, AK WILL have Frozen taking over the park. Quit tearing Demon because he had sanity and get over yourself.

          1. Disneyphilip

            Sorry, but Tasha IS right and you and Demon are wrong!

    3. EricJ

      Oh, lord, two f’in years of “When are they going to build Epcot Frozen? I’ve heard they’ve started already!” and you’re asking WHY??
      This thing is Stitch’s Great Escape turned up to 11. Right next to Star Wars Land.

    4. Jim

      That was our question. “Arendelle” is a *fictional* country. It does NOT belong in EPCOT’s World Showcase.

  2. EricF

    Here’s my list of top 5 of what I would love to see at Epcot with future attractions:

    1. I would love if a defaulted Wonders of Life pavilion would be replaced into a 3D IMAX-alike ride based on Sony Pictures “Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs” animated film franchise (if Disney would get the attraction rights to use “Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs” from Sony)

    2. I would love Captain EO 3D show would re-themed into Pixar’s “Inside Out” show.

    3. I would love if a Morocco pavillion will get an “Aladdin” ride

    4. I would love if a UK pavilion will have a “Marry Poppins” musical show and a 3D show featuring Wallace and Gromit (if Disney would license W&G from their owner Aardman, a British animation studio)

    5. I would love if a China area will have a dark ride based on “Mulan”

    So what would you think? Would those be possible someday? Why or why not??

    1. EricJ

      Eric…will you please stop embarrassing the other Erics on the board?
      I mean, don’t take this the wrong way, but…you’re a looney. 🙂

      1. EricF

        Well, I’ve learned my lesson. You’re right I’m being annoying and embarrassing everyone on the Internet. So I have to stop doing this for good so I won’t bother people in the web ever again. And I’m not joking.

        1. Michael

          EricF seems like a nice guy who just wants to talk about his cool Disney park ideas.

          EricJ seems like a grumpy jerk.

          I hope more Erics on this board can be like EricF.

          1. EricF

            Thank you for calling me a nice guy, Micheal, glad you love my ideas, but EricJ’s right, I need to stop bothering people by posting my theme park and movie ideas on the comment boxes because if I keep on going on and on it’ll drive them nuts and they may not reply. All I just wanted you all to be interested about my thoughts.

          2. EricF

            And I’m not the only person who thought up ideas for parks and etc. since everyone else dose that too.

          3. EricJ

            Okay, I’m going to be very harsh here for a moment and talk about two brutally honest things on the Internet:
            1) The A-Poster–Which in old times used to be called “the K00k”, but forum mods don’t like that term anymore. A can stand for Autism or for Asberger’s, but either way it refers to some odd poster on just about any forum you’ve ever been to, who’s not really part of the conversation, and treats the entire forum like some private domain of his imagination. They’re his -friends- if they respond back, and if one person speaks up that he annoys the other posters, either it’s socially crushing, or it’s just the work of one “meanie” who’s doing it to be mean. And then one open-minded poster will say “Oh, that’s okay, we don’t mind!”, which means “They love me! They want me to keep posting forever, because they can’t wait to read me!” No. (In fact, when he said “Okay, you don’t like me, I’ll go away forever…” I literally thought he was being sarcastic. Seriously. Wow.)
            We are not your “buddies” and we’re not your magic friends on the other side of the screen. We’re just discussing news articles, because we actually read them and can discuss them in context.

            2) The Armchair Imagineer Fanboy – I was bracing to wince when I saw the plans for Star Wars Land, but when it came out I saw, “Oh, good–THIS is the stuff their own people could come up with! 🙂 ”
            Leave it to a fan to design an attraction, and a fan will think of nothing…NOTHING…except a movie-based dark ride. And the latest movie at that. Who needs immersive lands or unique experiences, let’s put an Aladdin ride in Morocco and a Frozen ride in Norway!
            Let’s even leave aside the real-world problem that Disney will never ever -use- a fan’s ideas if he mentions them, for legal reasons, let’s just concentrate on the fact that they’re paid to come up with ideas that will work better in the context of the park. A fan might have thought of “Let’s turn Test Track into a Cars ride!”, but I can guarantee they’d have never thought of Radiator Springs. If you love the parks so danged much EF, let them do their job, because they seem to be better at it than you are.

          4. EricF

            I understand

          5. Chaz

            Wow, EricJ. That long explanation and not one word of it justified you being a total jerk to some guy you’ve never met. Just because the internet has come up with condescending labels, that does not make it your job or anyone else’s to put others down. You’re using the comment section like some Jr. High social hierarchy, which is neither insightful nor mature. There are ideas in life worth defending, maybe even worth getting angry over. Fanboying is not one of them.

  3. Will

    I’m kind of surprised they didn’t announce that Journey Into Imagination with Figment will be remodeled to an Inside Out attraction. There is a ton of potential there. I assume it’s on the way.

    1. Disneyphilip

      That’s because it’s not going to happen! It’s nothing more than another big fat lie that Jim Hill created.

  4. Derek

    True Arendelle Black Metal.

  5. Ruled people is all I can say

  6. Minnie

    I get that everyone up there ☝ has their own ideas and wants to share them, but for copyright reasons, there is absolutely no way that Disney will use them. I’m sorry, but it’s the truth. If they did use fan ideas, people would be suing them left and right. That’s why Disney has imagineers- they are paid to think up and create an amazing experience. I get that y’all want to share your ideas, but don’t expect them to just *poof* happen. Also, Disney won’t be buying rights to things that no one has heard of (sorry!) to create rides. Disney uses the Disney that little kids (their real clients) know of to increase their popularity and income. Thank you for reading (if you did) and please reply if you disagree/agree. I’m not trying to be mean. Just realistic.

  7. Jeany Sanchez

    I love Frozen Ever After ride at EPCOT I can’t Wait for next year to ride it! Awesome!

  8. Garrett

    BOOOOO!! Bring back Maelstrom!

    1. Disneyphilip

      You mean “Yay! Maelstrom was outdated and never ever coming back anyway.”

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