Comments for Shanghai Disneyland details announced to include TRON Lightcycle ride, Star Wars, Marvel among new lands, attractions


  1. EdisonDave

    GREAT GOOGLY MOOGLY this looks incredible!! I’m going to Tokyo in April I wonder if I need to extend my trip?

  2. Jonathan Y.

    “Mickey Mouse” may not be Main Street, but certainly, it very much appears to follow Disneyland’s Main Street USA in spirit, right down to the railroad station’s clock tower being on the left side of the station building rather than in the center (as it is in the Magic Kingdom).

    1. Jonathan Y.

      “Mickey Avenue”, I mean.

    2. Jonathan Y.

      It also appears that there’s no railroad in the park, but the main entrance is certainly inspired by the Disneyland Railroad Main Street Station building.

  3. star-w

    looks interesting but classics like haunted mansion seem to be missing

  4. Spykat

    There honestly doesn’t seem to be much for rides. There is a lot of greenery which is wonderful. But not a whole heck of a lot so far. Will be exciting to see what else they have!

  5. keegan

    awesome, but no space mountain, splash mountain, no frontierland. this is cool but it’s missing the classic disney attractions that make up a disney park

  6. I am very angry, to be honest. I am huge Disney fan and I fly down to Orlando twice a year for Disney World. Why is it that Singapore get’s an awesome Tomorrowland, plus the largest castle, when Disney should be updating their USA sites, as well as making them larger. They have 400 square miles of space and lot’s of area…enhance this country first, then go build elsewhere. Not to mention, I am steamed over their Adventure Land. We hardly have anything in our AL, so why don’t they give us some nice things. Plus, another American born and brought up company, outsources more jobs. Make our place HUGE and give us jobs.

    I think it is beautiful and WE deserve this update, as we are Disney’s cash cow. If it were not for us, they would not be racking in the money.

    I know that I am going to get bashed for this post. But, a family of five, cannot afford to fly to Singapore for a new and ‘cool’ park. I checked…$2200 a plane ticket x 5 = $11,000.00 and that is just plane tickets. Now add lodging, meals, gifts to take home, transportation…extra’s…We are looking at a $20,000.00 vacation.

    Walt Disney said that he wanted to make a wonderful park for families to enjoy. Which would have technology from decades in the future. AND…To be affordable for ALL families/citizens.

    How is this affordable for a family of five? Yeah, that’s what I thought.

    1. KDucker7

      What an truly terrible comment this is!

      Firstly Walt Disney World have continually been overhauling it’s parks. Magic Kingdom have recently expanded Fantasyland with new rides and attractions, Hollywood Studios is closing attractions left, right and centre ready to be renovated. Animal Kingdom are currently constructing Avatar land (which looks amazing). Not to mention the My Magic Plus service that is in operation across the whole resort, which to my knowledge none of the other Disney parks across the world currently have. You make it sound like WDW haven’t updated anything since it opened in ’70s!!

      Secondly the whole Walt Disney World Resort is huge compared to this. This will only be a small resort like Disneyland. Also there are worldwide Disney fans who can’t afford to fly to the US to visit Disneyland or WDW, that’s why they make parks in Europe, China, Japan so everyone can experience it. Why can’t you just be happy with what you’ve got? It’s not all about the US you know!!!

      You say that America is the ‘cash cow’ for the Walt Disney Company? Sure the revenue from the US alone must be huge but without the global success/income over the years, Disney wouldn’t be what it is today.

      Finally it’s in Shanghai not Singapore!!!

    2. Dr. John Smallberries

      Well, it’s not a “terrible comment,” as the Disney shill says, but it is a sad one. Disney is simply following the money, kowtowing to the dragon. US parks have fallen along with theUS into Second Empire; Disney has put the US parks on the side burner to develop other cash-cow properties, while merely treading water with the “western” parks. I’m sure Disney execs never thought any significant percentage of Americans would ever attend these Asian attractions, they’re too far away, their US currency too devalued. Walt is long gone, folks. Disney is a big, insensate corporation that looks to the bottom line along with every other zaibatsu. Don’t expect sweetness and light from such a structure.

  7. Ghost Hostess

    What no Haunted Mansion? Well, I’ll go anyway.

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