Comments for VIDEO: New Walt Disney World “lounges” at Hollywood Studios & Epcot


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    Enjoy the Sparrow lounge now, we can expect it to be repurposed very, very SOON. (Like, at the next D23.)

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    Yikes. The Hollywood Studios one looks like a bus terminal! What’s up with those benches? “Let’s just hang up some pictures and call it good.”

    At least the Epcot one looks inviting.

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    Word of warning about the EPCOT spot and that whole section of the building: it’s behind the Starbucks location and often smells terrible, like discarded eggs or light sewage (which both make sense). Shade and footrest are great, but you can find spots that don’t smell quite so… harsh.

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    The Hollywood Studios “Lounge” looks awfully. It is as uninviting as one would seem possible. If I walked into it I would wonder how I got there and assume that it was not a place for guests. I understand the need to “repurpose” so areas that are no longer used. But this definitely looks like an afterthought. In fact I thought that the minute I saw the video. But, I mean, what more can we expect from the park that looks entirely like an afterthought. Bulldoze that park to the ground and build it back up from the bottom. It looks awful. As for the Epcot lounge. I suppose it appears more lounge like. But I feel as though there are some more appropriate locations for it. Maybe somewhere where people have no other options for seeking refuge from the sun perhaps.

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