Comments for New Frozen themed makeover boutique and cafe coming to Walt Disney World


  1. Ed Kelemen

    By the time Disney has all its Frozen-themed attractions in place, the fad will be over.

    1. Lee

      I sincerely hope this isn’t what they shut down the Baymax & Hiro meet-and-greet for. And I still haven’t heard anything about an Inside Out meet-and-greet.

      Disney, your needle is skipping. Knock off the broken record behavior and bring us THIS year’s stuff. Frozen Fever is over.

    2. Marina

      It will never be over, just like the obsessions with Cinderella, Lion King or Beauty and the Beast.

  2. Mima

    Why? I’m disappointed. Princess Tiana from The Princess and the Frog should get it instead.

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